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The United States Air Force Band - Larry H. Lang, Commander and Conductor, Replaces Ronald K. Frantz


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Who knew the Air Force Band was so hip?

"Flash Mob: The United States Air Force Band at the National Air and Space Museum" on dvidshub.net (Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System).

The greatest compliment anyone could give our outstanding military bands is to go see them, to applaud, and of course to donate - as important as the third may sound, I'd propose that the first two are much more so, as they are (I'm guessing here) relatively well-funded - someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thank you, Barbara, for posting this inspiring video - who knows how many children were there that day that will now want to take music lessons? My son, a high school clarinetist, loves and respects our military bands, viewing them as organizations to aspire to.

There really are some great individual musicians that play in them. Darrell, perhaps you could enlighten us?

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I was a member of this band from 2004-2008 (until I jumped ship to join the US Navy Band (you see what I did there)) and my wife is still there as principal French Horn. The level of the individual player in all the DC bands is staggering. The best players could land gigs in most of the major symphonies around the country (and quite a few have done so and moved on).

Honestly I cannot think of a more underutilized FREE entertainment option in the entire Beltway area than a premier band concert. They happen all the time, all over the place, ranging from full concert band or symphony concerts to small chamber music groups to jazz big bands and are always admission free.

As to 'donations' these bands are fully funded by the DoD and are not allowed to accept donations as such. Attendance at a concert would be the best way you could support them.

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