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Pho #1, Baltimore National Pike (Route 40) in Catonsville near Sam's Club Just Inside the Beltway

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My first introduction to pho was here and of course I thought it was fantastic. Then as I branched out and learned about other, better places I stopped going. It just was not my favorite anymore. The broth tasted weaker and fake, and the menu was weird having Vietnamese Chinese and I forget what other style of cuisine. However I recently returned and am very happy I did so. Now it seems the menu is purely Vietnamese, and vast. Of course plenty of pho options with I'm pretty sure veggie broth for veggie pho and chicken for chicken. They also have the broken rice dishes and vermicelli dishes like bun bo xao, but it's the bun bo hue that I've been back twice for. There's a duck soup as well. The bun Bo hue is a fantastically large portion with big chewy noodles and not the most authentic I guess but it has brisket, pork pate( like the ban mi) and a seafood meatball. Fiery red broth and cabbage and shisho to round it out. It comes in one size(big ass) and I think is around 9 bucks. Maybe it's under new ownership or chef? Dunno since it's been years.

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