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"Green Wheat Fields, Auvers" (1890), by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) - On Display In The National Gallery Of Art


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"Rarely Seen Van Gogh Moves To National Gallery" by Brett Zongker on abcnews.go.com

"Van Gogh's "˜Green Wheat Fields: Auvers' Goes To Washington" by Carol Vogel on nytimes.com

This painting is now on display at NGA (thanks to the generous endowment of Paul Mellon and his 103-year-old wife, Rachel Lambert Mellon), and was completed in Van Gogh's last year of life, 1890.


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An amazing painting and worth a field trip to see in person.  Online, you can look at the work with a  "deep zoom" - you can see all the way down to the brush strokes.

I agree - this was the highlight of my visit today. The picture above does not do the painting justice - the light (and lighting) is so vibrant that it's as if the painting is alive, and firing light into your eyes. Looking at the top half of the painting in my first post, it's almost unrecognizable as the painting I saw today.

A few paintings down is the recently acquired "Still Life With Oranges, Lemons, and Blue Gloves" (Van Gogh, 1889). This painting literally gets lost in the gallery - lots of people were clamoring to get a look at "Green Wheat Fields, Auvers," but I had the still life all to myself, and I'm not even sure the crowds knew it was there.

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