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Greens In A Salad (Was Snakes On A Plane)


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There was a time, not too long ago, when I was a complete ignoramus when it came to identifying greens in my salad (I can say the same, years ago, about sashimi stored in the counter, and it took work to overcome).

I studied for awhile, literally plucking out every leaf in my mixed-green salads, and working to identify them, going so far as to memorize the appearance of the blades. After awhile, I could nail just about every green in every salad.

But now, I'm beginning to falter. :(

Here's a bone-up tip:

A Visual Guide To Salad Greens, text by Esther Sung, photos by Chris Astley, on epicurious.com. If you can't identify all 14 from sight, continue to study, and then when you're finished with this, move on to the next level.

But only if you want to be a total loser. :)

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