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Baton Rouge, LA


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While I have a very good recipe that I have developed over the years, I am open to improving it. But as I mentioned, I was looking for an alternative to making them at home.

I haven't yet found the ultimate hushpuppy up here, and, to be honest, lately have refrained from ordering them to avoid the resulting disappointment.

But if you're ever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you'll find the best hushpuppies at Drusilla Seafood. Twelve for $1.00.

Yum. Now I'm hungry.

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Heading to my hometown? Wow!

This is a tough one ... the best food in southern Louisiana is really in New Orleans or Lafayette/Acadiana. (And you already have good NOLA ideas.) If you have the time to head about 45 minutes to an hour west (just take I-10 W), check out Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge (in particular for their Sunday morning zydeco brunch, but any time is good), or grab the best shrimp or oyster po-boy (or my favorite, the half-and-half) in the state at Olde Tyme Grocery in Lafayette by the university (218 W. St. Mary Blvd., Lafayette). Weekday lunch at Dwyer's Cafe (southern meat-and-two) in downtown Lafayette was also a go-to when I lived there. And downtown Lafayette is a nice stroll, unlike downtown Baton Rouge...

But Baton Rouge, you asked about Baton Rouge.

There really aren't any must-go restaurants in Baton Rouge. Some suggestions, for what it's worth. Maison Lacour is a French restaurant in a cute little house ... Jacqueline and John (the proprietors) are so kind and gracious (as are their daughter Eva and her husband Michael, who may have taken over the place since I was last there) and the food is fine. Juban's is a Creole restaurant that is the go-to place for many long-standing Baton Rouge families. Mansur's is another Baton Rouge institution (3044 College Dr., BR). Galatoires (of NOLA fame) opened a bistro in Baton Rouge post-Katrina, but I've never been.

I haven't been back in about a year and a half, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask ...

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