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Graham Island - A Volcanic Island Off Sicily That Last Appeared In 1831

Al Dente

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Graham Island (at the moment 20ft under water) caught my attention. In July of 1831 the island appeared in the middle of the Mediterranean, conflict arose between the Brits and Sicilians over possession of this small rock, and then the island disappeared by the end of the year.

It's hard not to like the Flag of Sicily (first adopted in 1282, yes, 1282) - which is Medusa's head surrounded by three naked legs (I'm pretty sure that once you've now seen it, it will be on your "Top 5 Flags That I'll Always Remember" list - especially if you're a recruiter for Cirque de Soleil).

The historical detail recorded about Graham Island, even on Wikipedia, is remarkable considering its brief appearance.

Why yellow,

and why red?

Hi! Hell, Lo!

Land! My bed.


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