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Radici, Italian Market Replaces The Silver Spork In The Old Marvelous Market Space Near Eastern Market


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Cheezepowder's post on the closing of the last Marvelous Market made me think to post this.  The transition from Silver Spork to Radici is nearly complete.  They haven't made any radical changes or closed down during the changeover.  It's all been pretty smooth.  The last I was in the store, the Silver Spork employees were wearing t-shirts that said "Radici," with a tag line in Italian that translates as something like "coming soon."

Many of the products should stay the same.  I thought all the bread had, except the last whole wheat mini baguettes I bought were definitely different from the ones they had in the past.  The wine offerings will probably be the biggest difference, and they're making changes to the layout of the store as well.

This is the website for the new store.  It doesn't really have anything on it but a statement of purpose yet.

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The transition took quite a while to complete but was done by the end of last year.  For whatever reason, I'm not that fond of what they've done to the space.  It just doesn't feel right to me.  Maybe I'm just too used to the old format.

There's a much bigger wine selection now.   It's largely set up as a mirror image of the store before, with the register on the west instead of east side and the refrigerated case for sandwiches, etc., on the east side.  There is more seating space than there was, but not a whole lot given the limited size of the storefront.

I can't tell how big the bread selection is, since every time I've been there it's been mostly sold out.  However, they saved me New Year's Eve when I needed a baguette and they were the third place I tried.  I got a multigrain mini-baguette, since I didn't really need much  but did want some baguette.  It was not too heavy and was just perfect in size for what I wanted.  I hadn't known I wanted it, yet it filled my needs.

Today I stopped in hoping to get another one, and they didn't have them today.  Instead, I got a whole wheat boule which, at $5 even, I believe was cheaper than the equivalent before.  I've only eaten a couple of tiny slices (really!) and it's great bread.  It's well-balanced and has a nice molasses touch to it.  Before they changed over, an employee said that they'd be stocking the same bread.  I don't think this is the same as what they had before, but I'd be happy to be wrong.  I like it more.

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