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The Washington Post tackles a new book about rum's place in history.

"Not quite as ambitious as William Faulkner, who once said he aspired 'to put the whole history of the human heart on the head of a pin,' Wayne Curtis has tried in this book 'to run to ground the story of America' by telling the histories of 10 drinks in which the chief ingredient is rum." (Jonathan Yardley Review in the Washington Post, July 23).

And you can find a chat with the author HERE.


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Sailor Jerry and the Charmer/Sunbelt Group are donating partial proceeds from every sale of Sailor Jerry rum to benefit the Aleethia Foundation, which has been providing Friday night dinners to our wounded veterans who are recuperating at Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval hospitals. To lean more, go to Aleethia.org

From a sales standpoint, the deal that I'm getting on Sailor Jerry drops my shelf-price by $2.50/bottle. I'm told that bars and restaurants will get a similar incentive to promote Sailor Jerry.

So drink to the health of our wounded Vets with Sailor Jerry and help them out at the same time :angry:



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