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District Hogs Motorcycle Club

RJ Cooper

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If you havent heard (or have) a small group of chefs from washington dc who love bikes and cruising through the country side making their first trip to Sturgis SD for the annual bike rally.

We are teaming up with share our strength to raise money for the second annual relief fund.

How?, your asking?!!!!!!!

You can sponsore you of us chefs (the list will be below) on a milage basis. We are looking for sponsors to donate to SOS between $.10 and $1.00 per mile no minnimum or maximum

milage (hoping people will donate $1.00 with a minimum of 50 miles).

The trip to sturgis from dc is approximently 1600 miles.

I will post press release in the morning. Pledge packets are avalible at the restaurant/chefs below.

Okay now the Chef's:

David Guas-Pastry Chef, Ceiba, Acadiana, DC Coast, tenpenh and our organizer and rding a deuce

Cliff Wharton-Chef de Cuisine Tenpenh, riding a night train

Robert McGowan-Executive Chef-Old Ebbit Grill, riding a road king

Robert Wiedmair-Chef/Owner-Marcel's/Beck, riding a herratige classic

RJ Cooper-Chef de Cuisine-Vidalia/Bistro Bis, riding someting new suprise

The Great Ramone-Somelier-Marcel's/Beck

And others associated with us that are not in the bizzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

We leave wed. from dc!!!!!!!!!!! Help us help with katrina relife

The District Hogs

Washington, DC

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August 2-12, 2006

DISTRICT HOGS and Share Our Strength

are raising additional funds for the NATIONAL KATRINA RELIEF EFFORT being held August 29--“Restaurants for Relief 2”

Minimum pledge is 10 cents and we encourage up to $1.00 pledge per mile.

The distance from D.C. to Sturgis is 1,600 miles. Each chef and other bikers will have sign up sheets at the restaurants or businesses for anyone to pledge funds.

BIKERS: Mike Barch, healthcare programs executive; RJ Cooper, Chef de Cuisine of Vidalia Restaurant; Steve Greenwald, President, D.C. Chapter of La Chaîne des Rotisseurs; David Guas, Executive Pastry Chef of Acadiana, DC Coast, Ceiba, TenPenh; Fred Knight, Entrex, Inc.- advisor in assessing capital; Robert McGowin- Executive Chef at the Old Ebbitt Grill; Maurice Moorgat, Network engineer/ mechanic of the group; Cliff Wharton, Chef de Cuisine of TenPenh; and Robert Wiedmaier, Executive Chef and owner of Marcel's restaurant.

Pledge Drive is available these participating restaurants:

Acadiana- 901 New York Avenue

Ceiba- 701 14th Street NW

DC Coast- 1401 K Street NW

Marcel’s- 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Old Ebbit Grill- 675 15th Street NW

TenPenh Restaurant- 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Vidalia and Bistro Bis Restaurant- 1990 M Street NW

Ask at the host or hostess how you can pledge TODAY

All proceeds will go to Share Our Strength, Restaurants for Relief 2.

(Restaurants across the nation will join together to raise money for the recovery of the Gulf Coast region, for more details www.strength.org )

Simone Rathle

simoneink, llc

po box 25723

washington, dc 20007

703.534.8100 phone

703.534.8101 fax



703.534.8102 associates' phone

for overnight packages only:

6011 Chesterbrook Road

McLean, VA 22101

The Point - Lake Placid Lodge - Restaurant August

International House - -Seeger's

DC Coast - Ceiba -TenPenh - Acadiana

The Inn of The Five Graces - Cal-a-Vie, The Spa Havens

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There's more info on Restaurants for Relief on the Share Our Strength website www.strength.org . Support the restaurants that support the community Go see RJ at Vidalia, Cliff at TenPenh, Robert W. at Marcel's, Robert M at Old Ebbit's, or David at any of Passion Foods great restaurants DC COast, Ten Penh, Ceiba, or Acadiana to pledge your support. Thank you to these great chefs!!

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Are you guys really riding all the way to Sturgis, or is this trailer miles? :)

Mark (1991 Honda VFR w/2 cross country trips and 50,000 miles on the odo.)

I am friends with one of the non-chef riders, and he told me that they were riding the whole way. He and a few others built a trailer for this trip, but it is meant to haul some spare bikes, and if during the trip someone is not able to ride for some reason. They were supposed to leave this morning, so hopefully they will soon be out of this heat.
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In today's Reliable Source:

The 5,000-mile trip by the District Hogs, a group of 10 chefs and foodies including DC Coast's David Guas , Vidalia's R.J. Cooper , Old Ebbitt Grill's Robert McGowan, TenPenh's Cliff Wharton and Marcel's Robert Wiedmaier. The group traded their white chef's coats for biker gear and roared out of Washington Aug. 2 headed for South Dakota and the 65th annual Harley rally at Sturgis with 600,000 bikers. They return this weekend -- just in time for Restaurant Week.

"We've been planning the trip for a year," said Guas, who checked in yesterday from the road. "It's insane. It's like Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras combined."

This the longest trip ever for the chefs, who turned it into a Katrina fundraiser with Share Our Strength (customers are pledging per-mile donations.) The group has a helmet-cam to capture every scruffy, sunburned, windblown minute. And yes, they're still cooking: Last night Guas made bacon mushroom burgers with campfire-style potatoes. "We're having a blast," he said.

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