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Baji (Also Called Chiura) - Dessicated, Flattened Nepalese Rice


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Apparently, flattened rice (Baji) is a real thing among the Newar people in Nepal.  Here's a video a of an intrepid traveler eating some beaten rice and other Newari food. I don't know "why". Why not.

I enjoyed that video - it's nice to see someone being open-minded, and having their eyes opened (in a good way). The baji at MoMo's looked exactly like what he was eating, and I would instinctively agree with his tendency to want to get some sauce on it (my lamb was barely sauced - there wasn't enough to moisten the baji (recall that I believe this dish was assembled in a hurry - there were three of us, and we ordered four entrees, and that, along with a tiny language barrier, is probably what happened). I suspect baji transports quite well, and survives the frigid Himalayan winters with the greatest of ease (it's essentially "petrified rice").  :)

Note that in the Wikipedia link, you'll see that outside of the Newari culture, baji is often called "chiura."

Note also that "liquified baji is also used in Chinese folk medicine as an aphrodisiac." Get the visual in your mind, and it will become obvious why.  :unsure:  :rolleyes: 

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