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TKO Burger - Future Burger Chain in Rhode Island Row Owned by Lance London of Carolina Kitchen

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How many new threads have I started about Brookland/Rhode Island area? What's one more?! ;)

So TKO Burger opened shortly after Carolina Kitchen in Rhode Island Row by the Rhode Island/Brentwood Metro stop. I walk by it nearly every day while commuting, but finally stopped by last weekend. I don't see a ton of people going in and out (although Carolina Kitchen seems to get some good traffic), and I think there were 3-4 other people that came in while we were there at lunch time on a Saturday. We actually liked our food quite a bit and plan to return, but I can't tell if it's getting enough traffic to remain viable.


The space isn't huge, but there is a ton of boxing paraphernalia as decor. They also have small TVs in the walls next to the booth which was kind of cool. It was on Wimbledon while we were there.

The menu is slightly different than what is online (and has more explanation), but is mostly a variety of burgers, other sandwiches, hot dogs, and sides. They do serve beer as well. We decided to split a burger and a chicken sandwich to try a couple of different things. The burger was quite large, cooked perfectly medium (they do ask how you want it cooked), and very juicy. The one we got had BBQ sauce, bacon, and pepper jack I believe. I was pretty happy with it and thought it was better than the one we'd recently had at Brookland's Finest up the street. The chicken sandwich was pulled rotisserie chicken with cheese, honey mustard, arugula, and something else I'm forgetting. The chicken was great and very fresh tasting. My only complaints about this were that they were a little heavy on the honey mustard, and it's served on two slices of white bread, which became a little soggy. We also split an order of sweet potato tots. The tots themselves were good, but we were disappointed that they came out sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. We prefer our sweet potato fries/tots on the savory side (salty and dipped in ketchup), but I'm assuming in the future we could ask for them plain. I just wish it had been stated on the menu.

None of it's gourmet, but I have to say it's pretty great to be able to walk a few blocks and have a number of fast casual options to choose from (Chipotle for "Mexican," Jersey Mike's for subs, Bergami's for pizza, and TKO for burgers - or Potbelly's and &Pizza in the other direction).

One funny quirk is that there is no bathroom in TKO. Rather to find a bathroom, you walk through a door to Carolina Kitchen and across that restaurant to use theirs. Not a big deal, but I guess to offer an easy and convenient option, they have a sink right up by the cash register where you can wash your hands before and/or after your meal to avoid having to walk all the way to the bathroom.

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And we returned last Friday with my mom and had another good meal. Black bean burger topped with avocado, sauteed onions, and chipotle mayo. Messy, but good spice level. Crispy chicken sandwich with bacon was also good. Sweet potato fries (like the tots) come topped with cinnamon sugar and served with a dollop of whipped butter topped with caramel. A little desserty for me, but my mom really liked them. Eggplant fries tasted more of fry than eggplant (which seemed to melt away in the middle), but that's not to say they weren't good.

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