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FYI, the next issue of Gastronomica magazine will be about Julia Child, in its entirety. The ad for it has the most beautiful picture of her that I've ever seen. (Even the words "beautiful picture of Julia Child" are almost a non sequitur, but you have to believe me.) She's working dough under an open window, wearing a halter top that looks like it could have been made by the Tarzan Outfitters...bare midriff, bare back, and a dusty dark skirt. She's intent on her work, and she's just ravishing. And very young.

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Did anyone happen to see this program on Julia Child on American Masters last night on the local DC/DelMarVa PBS affiliate WETA?  I didn't see it and am wondering what folks might have thought.

This program reran tonight and I was lucky enough to happen on to it just as it was starting. It was a really lovely, albeit brief, look at this amazing woman. I definitely am going to have to go out and buy "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" - the segment about how that book came into being (7! years of work) was very interesting. The backstory of her relationship with Paul - his influence on Julia and support of her work - was very touching.

It truly is mindboggling to think that she essentially started a career as she approached the age of 50, in the 1950s/60s and continued to be active and influential well into her 80s. Not to say that she isn't still influential and inspiring!

Next up - Alice Waters <_<

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