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Morris Point Restaurant, Abell MD

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Far down the tidal Potomac is the small community of Abell, Maryland on Canoe Neck Creek, just off of St. Clements Bay. Morris Point juts out into Canoe Neck Creek, and at the end of this point lies Morris Point Restaurant.

This is a small restaurant with a tiny little open kitchen, mostly attended by locals. The menu features seafood, pasta, and casual American options (sandwiches, burgers, etc). We usually stop by during the midafternoon lull while out on the water for some light fare. The Clam Pot is one of the more popular choices; not being a big fan of clams, I tend to opt for the Maryland Vegetable Crab soup or a slice of Key Lime Pie, or perhaps the Crab Dip Florentine for something a little more filling.

Driving to the restaurant involves wandering down a series of small residential roads; the restaurant is perhaps more easily reached by boat. They have a dock large enough to host several vessels and are quite welcoming to boaters. There are a handful of tables in the main restaurant, plus some outdoor tables on the dock that are used in summer. The restrooms require a trip outside to a separate entrance.

Open Friday - Sunday only.

38869 Morris Point Rd, Abell, MD 20606

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