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Dining in Brookland

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Don asked me to post this in the "Dining in Brookland" thread, but I don't think there is one, so I'm starting this (please merge if appropriate)...

We've lived in the neighborhood for over 4 years now, and it is quite different than even a few short years ago. I included some of the nearby neighborhoods in this as well since what gets referred to as "Brookland' isn't always quite accurate (especially with the new Monroe Street Market development on Monroe between Michigan and the railroad tracks by 8th).

I haven't been to all the places listed below, but based on Don't rankings and some of my own preferences, here's a rough order.

Greater Brookland (Brookland, Catholic University, Edgewood, North Michigan Park, Woodridge)

  • Menomal√© - Authentic Neopolitan pies. Just added a nice covered awning (with roll down walls) to the patio out front that will allow them to serve a much larger audience into the cooler weather.
  • Brookland Pint - Opened this summer from the Meridian Pint folks. Great patio and nice open feel. Just ate there for the first time yesterday for brunch and enjoyed everything. Some good stuff for kids as well.
  • Steel Plate - Newish place on 12th from the folks at Rustik. Had a couple dinners and brunch there that were good. A little dark inside, but friendly staff and not too crowded.
  • Brookland's Finest - Opened early in the summer from the Pug and Solly's guys. Nice patio, frequently packed, kid-friendly.
  • Smith Public Trust - From the Smith Commons folks, more of a bar with food than a restaurant. Ecclectic decor and enormous bar. Service has been slow on my visits, but decent grub.
  • Zeke's Coffee House - I don't drink coffee, but this stuff is supposed to be great. Roastery on Rhode Island and always has a stand at the Monroe St Market Saturday farmer's market.
  • San Antonio Bar and Grill - decent option for Tex-Mex and margaritas. Good HH and friendly staff.
  • Brookland Cafe - Only been once long ago and know there have been some neighborhood dust ups with the owner, but seems to stay busy.
  • Little Ricky's - Was pretty good Cuban. Then changed to Southern. Has been "closed for the summer" and not sure if it's re-opened yet (or will).

The Public Option is supposed to open up on Rhode Island (soon?) and Busboys and Poets is slated for Monroe Street Market as well.

As Don mentioned, Colonel Brooks has been closed for a couple years now and the whole block is in fact bulldozed. Progress has been halted on the re-build, and not sure what restaurants are planned in that development.

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