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Thanksgiving - What I Am Thankful For This Year.

RJ Cooper

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Thanks to the football gods that the Lions are playing the Bears, cause the bears suck and we should get a win.

That the Michigan Wolverines will get destroyed by the damn buckeyes and we will have another coach next year.......a few prayers for Jim Haurbaugh.

That my cooks can finally get their stations set and ready to feed 200 of my closets friends.......

Happy Turkey Day

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I am thankful for Pitbull & Ne-Yo at halftime of whatever football game that was- in a coma at an extended family T'giving, I was pulled back from the brink of unconsciousness- making turkey stock today, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I transported 2 smoked turkeys, bean dip, & growlers of Forge Brew Works' roggenbier & cranberry saison.

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My annual trip to the Tribe gathering in central IL - and the weekend eating event

Wed night - Del's deep dish pizza

Thurs AM - donuts

 Thurs PM - traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mushroom soup, butterhorns, and pie pie pie

Friday PM - Risotto from the turkey remains

Sat am - cream puffs homemade

Sat pm - Bongna cotta and cheese / meat spread

Sun am - cinnamon rolls

Sun pm - out to the cook your own steak place

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