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Hummus Corner, Carla and Johnny Mattar's Mediterranean Takeout in Owings Mills

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I'm surprised this humble restaurant tucked into a nondescript strip mall in Owings Mills hasn't been talked about. Richard Gorelick of The Baltimore Sun wrote about it when it opened it 2011:

Could this be the hummus we've been waiting for?  

Owings Mills has a new Mediterranean joint. Open since January 12, Hummus Corner is owned and operated by Carla and Johnny Mattar (he's the chef), and Hummus Corner is their first go at a restaurant in this area.

I asked Johnny Mattar what I should tell you about his hummus. He told me that it starts with the chickpea. Mattar uses the largest size chickpea available, the hard to find 14-mm chickpea. Most of the chickpeas we see in stores are 8- or 9-mm chickpeas. He also uses a white sesame paste (I'm guessing it's not that stuff with the orange and brown label), and fresh lemon juice. That's for starters; the rest is in how he puts it together.

A native of Lebanon, Mattar has spent most of his professional life in Dubai, where he first managed and was later director of catering for the Lebanese restaurant in the five-star Grand Hyatt Dubai. Carla Mattar, a Maryland resident since 1991, is a Goucher alum (BA, Business and Economics) and the Mattars' relocated recently from Dubai to Baltimore to be closer to their families and to open their restaurant.

Also on the Mediterranean menu at Hummus Corner -- falafel, kebabs, fattoush and schwarma.

Hummus Corner opened. The counter-service restaurant is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. The phone number is (410) 363-6033, the address is 9201 Lakeside Blvd., the up-and-running website (yay!!) is www.hummuscorner.com.

It's quickly become our go-to for good and inexpensive Mediterranean takeout. Full review here.

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