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24 Crows, An Art Gallery & Lunch Counter from the Owners of the Former Four & Twenty Blackbirds in the Same Flint Hill Building

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Came across an indirect mention here on the site (in the NY forum) of a spot that was in Flint Hill (VA) ten and more years ago: Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Loved that place and remember well great drives out on sunny weekend mornings for really enjoyable breakfasts. Maybe dinner too? Then they closed; maybe 8 or 9 years ago? And, sometime since then, a spot by the same name and similar menu opened in Brooklyn but maybe unrelated?

Anyway, that all got me very curious about what happened to the couple (Vinnie and Heidi) who owned the 4&20 here.

Seems they are in the very same building but with a different concept. A great sandwich/lunch counter in an art gallery/store with a large VA wine selection. Had no idea.

There doesn't seem to be a website but here's a slightly out-of-date Facebook page. And, that other review site and TripAdvisor seem to indicate it is up and running.

And, here's a brief overview from the County tourism website.

Also, this from an article by Marian Burros of EdibleDC last fall. Sounds like Vinnie and Heidi were at the Inn also pre or post 4&20.

"24 CROWS: If the only meal you are having around Little Washington is lunch, then drive directly to 24 Crows in Flint Hill where two alumni of the Inn, Heidi and Vinnie Deluise, have turned their skills into a day job"“which means, says Vinnie, "now we get to go home at night." There are just 16 seats, and the food is vibrant with color and intense flavor: a quesadilla stuffed with corn, zucchini, tomatoes, cheese and barbecue sauce; a chicken sandwich with roasted red peppers, basil pesto, mayo and bacon; ham, cheese, asparagus and sautéed onions. Totally satisfying and nothing costs more than $13. 540-675-1111."

And, finally, a ten-year-old TS review that fills in some of the back story. Evidently, the couples' time with Patrick O'Connell was pre Four & Twenty.

Has anyone been to the current incarnation (24 Crows) that can comment?

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My ex-wife and I went to 4 and 20 Blackbirds at least once a year for the ~16 or 17 years they were open. 92 till 09, I think. They were a scaled down unpretentios version of the Inn at Little Washington and over the years, they were a rehab restaurant for former Inn employees.

Heidi ran the Kitchen and Vinnie ran the front of the house. I appreciated that they bought local before it was a fad.

While I have many fond memories of the food and good times there, One in particular stands out. A local, but obviously wealthy woman was there with her younger dinner date and several (3 or 4) of her 20 to 30 started singing show tunes in a very loud somewhat (OK very) inebriated voice. Her children kept trying to shush her and she exclaimed that it was HER birthday and she was going to enjoy herself. The reaction of the crowd was mixed. 1/3 liked it, 1/3 didn't care and 1/3 were horrified.

I was enjoying it but the couple seated next to did not. He kept demanding the the woman's party be removed so he and his wife could eat in peace as they had come all the way from Capital Hill for dinner. Didn't happen, she was a frequent local who dropped lots of money there and it really wasn't worth that much of a fuss.

I'm sure I didn't help things when I went to the parties table and asked what she knew from Man of La Mancha and she happily belted out 3 numbers. Her children later us back to the house because they thought I could control her better than they. It also turns out that this was the first meeting of her new boyfriend and her children. He went to the bathroom and never returned.

When I mentioned it to Vinnie 5 or so years later, he laughed and also remembered it fondly.

Heidi and Vinnie finally got burned out on having the restaurant run their lives, closed it and opened an antique/gift shop. After a while Heidi couldn't stand to not be making food for people anymore and the sandwich shop was added.

Unfortunately, I haven't made it down for a sandwich but I have many friends who have and recommend it.

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