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Dining in Clarksburg

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Dining in Clarksburg, MD

I thought I would write a few capsule reviews on the dining mecca of Clarksburg, MD in Upper Montgomery County. (This is at Don Rockwell's suggestion.)


This is an outpost of the GrillMarx restaurant in Olney. It is a steakhouse with pretentions that it isn't quite able to live up to. Steak is good but not great. Other dishes are well-prepared but priced a bit high for what you get. That being said, where else are you going to go in Clarksburg? The cocktails are good; and there is a lively bar scene in the evening. The Sunday brunch is just plain disappointing.

Pazzo Pomodoro

A nice Italian restaurant with a brick oven for pizza. I have only gone once. I enjoyed my meal but find the price point a bit high for my liking.

Red Bowl

A Chinese / pan-Asian restaurant that's not pretentious. It has a small dining area and does a lot of take-out business. I wouldn't drive across the county to go here, but I love this place! It's walking distance from my house, and it's my happy go-to when I want take-out. They do a decent job on their limited Thai menu. Chinese food is very good. I haven't tried the sushi but I have seen other diners enjoying it. Prices are great for what they offer. They definitely beat the Chinese restaurant competition in nearby Germantown.


A casual chain eatery.  Nothing special, but fine for meeting with friends when you are more interested in socializing than the food.

Pizza 500

Decent take-out pizza joint.  The pizza was better under the previous owners, but unfortunately suffered somewhat after the change in ownership.

China Spring

Fair Chinese take out food.  I no longer have any desire to go there after Red Bowl opened:  Better food and closer to my house!

Suibway (2)

Yes, happening Clarksburg is so trendy we have two Subways!  How to decide between them???  <grin>

Actually, I'd rather head to the nearby Potbelly or Firehouse Subs in Germantown.


Laurienzo Brick Oven Cafe (Koozebanian Fazoob)

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