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Delivery in Downtown McLean


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Hi everyone I just started working in Mclean part time and would love to get acquainted with all the delivery places worth calling.

I know Moby Dick's is across the street but since I am mobility impaired I would only stop there by car on the way home to save time & shlepping at my speed of movement and BOY their kebabs are good.

So that being said, can everybody suggest some good or great delivery options that I can call or peruse their websites to order for lunch? Delivery being the MOST important feature please.

Also any "easy to park" closeby places in case we ever have a lunch out? (No chains/fast-food please!)

My biggest problem next to mobility is that I can't really go more than 10 minutes from work for lunch. Thanks everyone in advance for your help! :P

Note: Sorry Don, I popped you an email about this about 10 days ago but I think you're on vacation or something - so I hope folks in your forum can help too!

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Well, in terms of proximity and not necessarily excellent food, you obviously have Pulcinella right across the street. There is that restaurant J. Gilberts a few doors down. I have never been...I remember when it was Charlie's Place growing up. I have heard pretty good things about The Greek Taverna. Also, within walking distance on Elm Street (across from the McDonald's with one arch) is the Italian Deli. They have pretty decent sandwiches. Oh, and the Listrani's take out right next to Italian Deli. OH, and the BBQ place, forget what it's called. Of these, I think Italian Deli and Listrani's deliver, but either way, they are definitely close to your office.

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