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Aspartame-Based Sodas Break Down in Heat


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To add insult to injury - and this is no fault of the restaurant's - I got a can of Diet Coke ($1.35) on the way out, and damned if this wasn't a bad batch: it tasted like club soda, without even the superficial pleasures of artificial sweeteners so that I can pretend I'm drinking sugar. I thought my palate might have been tainted, but, no, this was a bad can of soda, as thirty minutes later, it still tasted pretty much like club soda (it *smelled* like Diet Coke, for whatever that was worth).

Thought I'd mention that 9 times out of ten, if your diet coke looks like a diet coke, smells like a diet coke, but doesn't taste like a diet coke - it is substantially past its shelf life.  The sweeteners in American bottled diet coke aren't especially stable (try not to ponder that too much...) and begin to lose flavor shortly after their fresh date which is listed either on the side of the bottle or the bottom of the can.

I'm torn between saying this is probably just a supply issue to the restaurant and not a big deal, and saying its a little disconcerting that outdated products (if that is, in fact what caused it) are being sold by the restaurant - even if it is just a diet coke.

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