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  1. Chef Daniel Humm has announced that EMP will reopen in June... as a vegan restaurant. It will be interested to see if they pull this off - the menu was never super heavy on meat, but no doubt the duck was their signature dish. I'm most interested to see what the price point will be when reservations reopen next Monday, May 10th. Without the caviar, lobster and duck, will it still be north of $300 per person?
  2. I understand the need that the 'professional shoppers' are filling during this time, but as more people get used to the services I doubt levels will return to pre-pandemic levels once things begin to normalize. With that in mind, large grocery retailers desperately need to figure out a better way to balance individual customers vs these professional shoppers. I've tried going at 6am and 9pm, weekdays, weekends. I'm sure there are a large number of kind, caring, patient professional shoppers, but... when you are financially incentivized to shop as quickly as possible, the predicted outcome o
  3. Throwing a hail mary here... Has anyone seen ham loaf mix for purchase within 60 miles of DC? Plans changed at the last minute and I'm trying to avoid spending $70 to overnight 10lb of ham loaf from PA if I can avoid it...
  4. This looks fantastic, but... a $48, 8" quiche? I feel like I'm missing something here
  5. Did you remove the onions before making the sauce? Some comments on the recipe indicate a step may have been missed in the online version
  6. JBag57 may be referring to the hours, which are... sporadic at best. To be a business in a resort community that is closed on Saturdays is certainly odd. I've also found the store occasionally closed on days with posted open hours. And they're often out of food. I do wish they'd be successful because there's a need for their store on the mountain.
  7. Wintergreen Resort (Nelson County) has the whole mountain wired for high speed - would double check when booking based on whether you go through the resort itself, Airbnb, etc but its set up for it. Fair warning, takeout food options are very limited on weekdays - weekends are better. If you do go, check out Basic Necessities carry out in the valley, and their excellent wine shop.
  8. I'm sure restaurants are challenged in the current environment to offer steep discounts given the lack of volume to make up for reduced prices. That being said, one of Clyde's DC Restaurant Week 'deals' is a 6oz filet mignon (menu price $31.99), salad (menu price $9.99) and peach cobbler (menu price $8.99)... all for $55. Same set ups as the individual menu listing: 31.99+9.99+8.99=$50.97, so you're paying $4.03 MORE by ordering restaurant week. I'm not sure that's what RAMW had in mind... (ordering the double crab cake RW instead saves you $0.97)
  9. I've not been a big fan of Pinot Noir, but had a request the other night for a family tasting that came with funding, so... 2016 Louis Jadot Nuits-Saint-Georges Aux Thoreys: Was very glad I'd done some looking into this wine, and read that it took longer than expected to open up. After 2.5 hours in the decanter, it was a very solid wine. After 4 hours, it was absolutely delightful. Complex palate focused on syrupy dark cherries and plum. Was pleasantly surprised to see such a great wine come from such a prolific producer. $125 2016 Domaine Drouhin Dundee Hills: Admittedly this i
  10. 2013 Dagueneau Pur Sang Pouilly Fume. Complex, strong minerality with a noticeable orange citrus. This is a wine that needed to open up and warm up more than I expected. But when it did, it was fabulous. 2018 Titus Napa Sauvignon Blanc (actually about 95% SB, 5% viongier). Crisp, clean. I don't like the strong lychee found in many SBs, and this was restrained but still represented a new world style nicely. At $25, a nice wine for the price. 2017 Chateau Doisy Daene Grand Vin Blanc Sec. Interesting 100% SB from Barsac - but stopped at interesting. Not sure I'd rush to buy agai
  11. Pot roast using chuck roast in the crock pot. Standard onions, carrots, potatoes. Poured in a mini bottle of vinho tinto that was the last of my wife's wine advent calendar along with some broth and herbs. I usually mix some of the liquid with more wine and seasoning to make a sauce at the end of cooking but something went awry last night, so the whole thing ate somewhat dry. The Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet is a decent, easy weeknight wine from Costco in the lower 20s, but last night had the Dry Creek and I think we've switched allegiances...
  12. Last night we opened a bottle of Caymus, decanted for 90 minutes. It was a real lightweight, and nothing like I remember from previous vintages. Moved on to Frank Family which is definitely not a light weight, although Frank Family has never been my favorite. Between the corked 8 Years in the Desert on Friday night and the Caymus yesterday, it was a bad few days for wine that isn’t cheap.
  13. Sautéed asparagus, bell pepper, corn cut off the cob, garlic. Took off the heat and added raw red onion, cucumber and grape tomatoes, then some frozen peas. Season, splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar, and added to pasta. Topped with parmigiana. By far our favorite meal of the week.
  14. Broccoli, snap peas, bell peppers, onion, edamame, spinach and chicken stir fried with some store bought teriyaki sauce and sriracha over jasmine rice, topped with toasted sesame seed. After a few weeks of quarantine cooking, this mix of fresh vegetables was like a tall drink of water on a hot day (or in my case, a cold beer...) Anselmann Pfalz dry riesling, which was perfectly pleasant if unremarkable (18.99)
  15. Chicken Kabobs on the grill with red pepper, onion, tomato after a brief italian marinade. Spring pasta salad with asparagus, peas, parmigiano, O/V. Caesar Salad. Josh Sonoma Chardonnay - not extraordinary but a solid Monday night chardonnay (the Black label upgrade is worth it...)
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