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  1. Broccoli, snap peas, bell peppers, onion, edamame, spinach and chicken stir fried with some store bought teriyaki sauce and sriracha over jasmine rice, topped with toasted sesame seed. After a few weeks of quarantine cooking, this mix of fresh vegetables was like a tall drink of water on a hot day (or in my case, a cold beer...) Anselmann Pfalz dry riesling, which was perfectly pleasant if unremarkable (18.99)
  2. Chicken Kabobs on the grill with red pepper, onion, tomato after a brief italian marinade. Spring pasta salad with asparagus, peas, parmigiano, O/V. Caesar Salad. Josh Sonoma Chardonnay - not extraordinary but a solid Monday night chardonnay (the Black label upgrade is worth it...)
  3. We tried the Austin Hope Cabernet from Paso Robles last night after hearing so many rave about it. Drank to me like a cabernet for people who don't like cabernet. Light, fruit forward, very little tannin. Followed this with the Josh Cellars cabernet, also from Paso Robles which was much beefier and more my style. It's also less than half the price of the Austin Hope.
  4. Last night was Jalapeno Popper White Chicken Chili in the crock pot. Included are 5 diced jalapeno peppers but those are sauteed with onions and garlic before going in so the heat level is still tolerable even for my spice-averse wife. Topped with cumin crema, cilantro, tortilla strips. Drank an Illumination Sauvingon Blanc from Quintessa (mostly Sonoma fruit). I'm not a big SB guy, but Illumination and Bevan are my go-to's, though unfortunately both are a bit spendy.
  5. Pulled pork in the crockpot on seeded buns, onion rings and a store bought avocado ranch salad mix that I dressed up some some fresh avocado and spicy roasted pumpkin seeds. Another bottle of the Stinson Rose of Tannat. Often when I think a first bottle is great, I re-buy and am disappointed in the second. No so here - this is a great spring/summer wine.
  6. Vegetable Lasagna from Tuscarora Mill was fantastic. Didn't contain the re-heat instructions but a quick call cleared that up. They are set for pickup now, our 3rd time this week.
  7. Turkey burgers with caramelized onion, avocado, LTM. Spinach salad with bacon, strawberries, red onion, poppy dressing. Onion rings. Rose of Tannat from Stinson Vineyards just north of Crozet. Fantastic - not too fruity. Minerality without being bitter on the finish. Side note - the owner of Stinson is married to the owner of Ankida. Both have their hits and misses, but their hits are really strong.
  8. Used some of the leftover red sauce from lasagna the other night and made stuffed shells. Basically the same dish, different shapes. Sriracha ranch salad from Wegmans that was surprisingly spicy. Didn't really go with the shells, but I'm not used to planning meals a week in advance... With the shells we had an Ankida Ridge Pinot Noir. Ankida is a tiny vineyard in Amherst County at 1800 ft elevation. Their chardonnay and blanc de blanc didn't do much for me, but this is a fantastic pinot noir. Then the wife and I started playing Wineopoly with a bottle of Cooper's Hawk John Legend blend - which wasn't as good.
  9. A few years ago, I googled 'world's best recipe' and found this one which happens to be for lasagna. To earn the title of 'World's Best', you have to bring it... This is classic food - not vegetable, no bechamel, nothing fancy, just straight up 'grandma style' lasagna, but it is daaaaaamn good. It does take some time - I usually make the sauce the day before and then assemble the day of. This is often a recipe I make for those with newborns, having surgery, in need of meals, etc. It is relatively inexpensive to make, travels well, and is better the next day. Served with a Wegman's caesar salad mix and a forgettable bottle of Total Wine Pinot Noir.
  10. Last night was a Chicken Tortilla 'Dump' casserole. Dump it all in a bowl, mix it up, pour into casserole and bake. Should make good leftovers tomorrow evening as well.
  11. I saw them push carts back into the entrance area and they weren't sanitized. @astridis right that, if you read the back of your surface sanitizing wipes, the instructions are to let it dry before its effective. As to Purell, I was under the impression that alcohol kills germs (hence that it be at least ~60%). I'm not an expert - common advice received these days is to wash hands if at all possible, use Purell if not.
  12. Observations on how different store chains are handling the outbreak - understanding that this is likely highly regional. Wegmans - sanitizer at the door with a sign asking all customers to please use before entering, ample cart wipes. Substantial restrictions on quantities you can purchase, which for the most part I agree with, however I wasn't able to get enough for normal grocery shopping for three nights. Still limited stock available, even at 6:30am. Note - a woman in line to check out who appeared to be receiving chronic medical treatment (perhaps chemo) began to feel faint. The Wegman's staff could not have been more kind or helpful as they completed her shopping for her while making her comfortable and offering medical assistance. After that I heard no one else complaining about lines. Costco - Sanitizing carts at the door, but not until after you pushed it up. Signs out front listing what they had and what they were out of. Frequent signs displaying what 6 feet social distance should be. Traffic direction so that people didn't get too bunched up in line to pay. Completely out of paper goods but had a lot of water, 2 max. Whole foods - the grocery delivery and pickup appeared to be booming. Completely out of red meat, very limited produce available. They always have cart wipes, and employees were changing gloves between each customer. Giant - Our local giant has been almost fully stocked, lines manageable. Canned goods, paper towels, water, even some toilet paper. Yesterday morning at 6am the shelves were sparse, but they said the truck was late - saw it pulling in as I left. Wal-Mart - no sanitizer, no wipes for carts, no food. If they didn't sell a baby food that's hard to find, there's no reason to deal with it.
  13. Crockpot Chicken Tinga on flour tortillas. With 2 small kids at home while working full time, I think the crock pot is going to get a workout for awhile. Strawberry Bud Light Seltzer (my secret shame... maybe not so secret anymore) with dinner. Much later opened a bottle of Campo Viejo Rioja Gran Reserva. It was on sale at Costco, and I regretted buying it. Side note - I would encourage more members to post in this forum, even if their dinners aren't so exciting. The restaurant threads are going to be a little quiet for awhile, and I could always use some inspiration...
  14. Filet medallions with sliced potatoes and wilted greens. Got distracted by a ranting 4 year old and overcooked the steak. 2016 Chateau Du Retout bordeaux from Haut-Medoc. Not mind-blowing, but at $17 at the local Total Wine, I felt like this one was punching above its weight.
  15. My point was more that we should all be ready for a disruption in our daily lives for a few days or weeks. I’m not sure how my kid would do without formula and I’m very sure how my wife would do without medicine, but you do you.
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