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The Canada Cup (1976-1991), Invitational, International Hockey Tournament Held Five Times - Precursor to the World Cup of Hockey (1996-)


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My mom wouldn't have that issue.

The first time I went nuts in the living room...6-5 final.  Canada won 2 games to 1.  All of the 3 games were 6-5 (Soviets won the first, Canada the second and third).

If you have time, watch all three games on YouTube.  Canada Cup 1987.  Two of the best teams you'll ever see, although the games weren't goaltending gems.  If you do watch, the Canadian announcer is the dad of the guy who currently calls the games for the St. Louis Blues.

I remember watching this. Truly amazing hockey. The last of the great Red Army teams v. Gretsky AND Lemieux.

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Yes, I'm going to repeat myself, but if you appreciate hockey in any way, get on YouTube and watch all of the 1987 Canada Cup games that are available.  Watch the 3-game final between the Soviets and Canada in particular.  As mentioned, the final was not a great goaltending performance.  Every game ended 6-5.  But if you watch the winning goal of game 3, it's mentioned that the Soviet goalie's weakness was the glove side.

Team Canada in 1987 was the Olympic team before the pros were allowed into the Olympics.  And the Soviets' coach was the best they ever had.

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