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  1. If you take another look at Belgium's goal, after it was scored another Belgian player smacked it back into the net for emphasis. The ball bounced back and hit him in the head.
  2. The 1st-place team in that group was destined to end up in what is considered to be the harder Round of 16 bracket. Going into the game England and Belgium were both headed to the Round of 16. But they were tied in points (6 each) and goal differential; one of the other tiebreakers put England in 1st. So to be blunt, England probably didn't mind that they lost and slipped to 2nd place. Not that they should think that they're on the easy train to the final. The last 10 minutes or so of Japan's last game was an exercise in wasting time; Japan knew they were through into the Round of 16 even if they lost and Poland was just happy to be able to go out with a win. Crowd was very unhappy.
  3. Mason Dixie is making its debut on QVC right now; co-founder Ayeshan Abuelhia is doing the presentation. They're selling 18 biscuits; options are buttermilk, cheddar cheese, sweet corn, or a combination of the three. The show host is from North Carolina so he's a really happy guy right now. Here's the listing on QVC's website.
  4. I figured out the scenarios for Argentina, Nigeria, and Iceland in Group D based on Argentina's 3-0 loss today and speculating on the result of tomorrow's Iceland-Nigeria match. Lots of them involve tiebreaks. The final Group D matches will be June 26 at 2 p.m., with Argentina vs. Nigeria and Iceland vs. Croatia.
  5. District Dumplings: Jun 6, 2018 - "District Dumplings Set To Open New Location in Arlington Ridge Shopping Center" by Alex Koma on arlnow.com
  6. If you want some interesting reading, look up Argentinian newspapers right now. I don't know Spanish but could figure out a few unhappy words from the headlines.
  7. lovehockey

    Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018) Dies at Age 61

    My heart hurts for his young daughter.
  8. Mamma Lucia's is getting some media love on NewsChannel8 for Ovechkin's extremely regular order, delivered to him at 10:30 a.m. at Kettler after practice: Chicken Parm, plain spaghetti, 4 sauces (Alfredo, marinara, meat sauce, and Marsala), plus bread. Apparently his favorite sauce is the Marsala because it soaks up the bread. Edit: As for the game, Smith-Pelly's goal is one for the ages. Beautiful.
  9. Yes, the owners of Cosmopolitan Grill in Hybla Valley opened this new venture, Old House Cosmopolitan, earlier this week. While the Hybla Valley location has Bosnian/German food this place is primarily German-focused. https://coveringthecorridor.com/2018/05/cosmopolitan-grill-owners-open-new-restaurant-old-town/ https://www.oldhousecosmopolitan.com/
  10. lovehockey

    The Northern Lights

    Yeah, the Northern Lights are unpredictable. Wherever you go, whether it's Scandinavia, Alaska, or Canada's northern territories, you need to plan for a visit of a least a week. Best show I ever saw was at Lake Louise, Alberta, in May around 20 years ago. I also recall walking back to the dorm from a late class and seeing green in the sky.
  11. Thailand on Royal Street was at 835 N. Royal Street, then moved to 801 N. Fairfax and changed its name to Royal Thai and Sushi Bar. It is permanently closed; I'm not certain when that happened, but the last review on TripAdvisor was in September 2016. Thanida Thai took over the N. Royal space, maybe a year or so ago? Not sure if the owners are new or also owned the other restaurant. Because the word "Royal" wasn't around enough in the neighborhood, there's also The Royal Restaurant at 734 N. St. Asaph, which has a Greek/Italian/diner menu.
  12. The meals tax was previously 4%, so it's a 1% increase. But don't forget the 6% sales tax, so the total tax on meals is now 11%.
  13. That's exactly the reason: The commissary kitchen they had was too small for their needs re: the day care centers and so they moved to a new location that had the space for them to build a larger kitchen. But they didn't need all the square footage for the kitchen itself, so they opened the restaurant in the remaining space. If the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like they're having serious issues balancing out the two operations. When I was reading the article linked in dcs' original post, I thought, "We want to be a candidate for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives." Every once in a while a diner appears on the show and that has the everything-including-the-kitchen sink menu and most or all of it available all day or even around the clock (including a couple places from around this area). With the daycare hook it would be one of those twists that would likely catch the show producers' attention. Of course, this paragraph is speculation on my part.
  14. I think the premise of the Washingtonian article was, "What is wrong with you that you're going here?"
  15. In the EPL the improbable becomes the result, and one half of a city/county is grateful. Chant from the WBA fans: "Manchester City, We Won it for You." WBA has won 3 of the last 5 at MU.
  16. lovehockey

    Eating at Nationals Park

    I can see why they'd offer the drink pouches. It's been awhile since I've been to Nats Park, but if things haven't changed since I have these will offer more variety in the non-beer department, since if you don't drink beer and want an alcoholic beverage it's cheap wine or basic cocktails like a bourbon and Coke or a margarita (and the basic cocktails cost as much as the drink pouches). Although just thinking of the calorie and sugar amounts those bags must have makes me cringe a bit. I think the packaging will be a big draw, at least at first, and there will likely be people taking the empty bags home with them to reuse. It's something new and interesting, and I'm sure there will be people foregoing a beer to try one of these (more expensive) items, especially if the beer line is long and it could be faster to get one of these. I assume they're pre-made and will be sitting in coolers or on ice, because when it does get hot they will be a cold beverage option. Pounding headache to come later.