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"The Thrilla in Manilla" - Oct 1, 1975 - The Third and Final Heavyweight Title Between Muhammad Ali (48-2) and Joe Frazier (32-2)


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Today is the 40th anniversary of one of the biggest sporting events in the history of the world of professional sports, The Thrilla in Manilla, or the third fight and rubber match of the epic boxing matches between Mohammed Ali and Joe_Frazier,

The Thrilla in Manilla.  It was far bigger than a sporting event, as Mohammed Ali, the world's most famous athlete, an entertainer, a "poet", and an amazing promoter in his own right, moved this fight into a sociological battle.

The fight itself was brutal. These two extraordinary boxers had three epic battles spread over 1/2 a decade.  It was personal human warfare.  It was extraordinary.

Here is a short summary video of the epic battle and the build up:

There are full videos of this fourteen round brawl and epic battle between two valiant, very evenly matched boxers of different styles....but I think this summary gives a sense of the event.

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