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Kraze Burger, A Korean Hamburger Chain Comes To The Baltimore Area with a Location at BWI

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I tried the relatively new Kraze Burgers in Bethesda last week and wasn't particularly impressed. But if we're talking buns, these were good. The beef, on the other hand, lacked flavor. I'm wondering if anyone else has been to Kraze and what they thought.

I had my first-ever Kraze Burger today (just a plain burger with mustard and pickle chips (curiously slightly sweet; not sour)), and I was delighted.

Okay, now let me tell you *why* I was delighted: I was at BWI, Concourse C, and they have an actual *grill* (not a flat-top, but an actual grill with something burning underneath), the burger was made-to-order (they give you a beeper), and there were thick grill marks on the beef. Yes, the meat was cooked to well-done, but for airport food, this wasn't bad at all. The key is (in my opinion) to keep it simple. I also think being in smaller towns are good opportunities to try places like Kraze Burger, Seasons 52, etc. rather than waste a meal in DC.

For the Washington, DC thread, click here.

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