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7 Locks Brewing - Craft Brewery on Wilkins Avenue in Rockville


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My son and I decided to check out 7 Locks Brewing at their opening last week.  The brewery is in a warehouse at 12227 Wilkins Ave in Rockville, MD.  They do not serve food (but I believe they will let you bring something) and they plan to have a rotation of food trucks there.

I am not a beer guy, but my son is and he was as impressed as I was.  I worked through a flight of about 8 beers, two of which were nitrogen beers.  I liked the coffee stout better as a nitrogen beer, my son preferred it in a normal configuration.

The folks there are very nice, love to talk beer, and put out a pretty good product.  I hope they do well, this is a definite plus to what is available in Rockville.

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