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Pain de Campagne


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Here are two photos from a Pain de Campagne that a friend baked for me this morning at 8AM. I'm not a baking expert by any means, but I think that, for an amateur baker, this is a remarkable loaf - it's made with sourdough starter that's two-years old, and has a wonderful crackle on the crust, without much of any transition into a very moist mie, with the moisture very evenly distributed throughout the entire slice (which was cut directly from the middle of the loaf). It's a pungent sourdough, with a strong flavor that's complemented by the slight char. The inside is slightly darker in color than I was expecting, but not much.

Do we have any baking experts out there? If so, can you tell anything pertinent from the pictures? My only comment (and it's an observation, not a criticism) is that this is a surprisingly moist loaf, but it's not unctuous; it's almost "wet," although not to a fault by any means - bites without crust are almost reminiscent of wheat-based injera to some extent. I really like this bread, and I think a little salted butter or blackberry preserves will make it better still.

Comments welcome (and no, I did not bake this bread - I wish).


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