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Park Central Hotel, 56th Street and 7th Avenue in Midtown West - Catty Corner to Carnegie Hall


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Early March is a very slow time in Manhattan, and hotels in Midtown West can often be found for relatively good prices. I just spent three nights at the Park Central Hotel, catty corner to Carnegie Hall (where I got to watch Matt play the other night!), and almost right next door to Carnegie Deli - which was so close to my room that I walked over there for a snack last night, and was back in ten minutes. I notice that tonight, the price has fallen to an absurdly low $105 a night (not including fees).

This is a strong 3-star hotel, despite there being a couple of problems: the southern elevator banks were wonky, and this morning, for example, I walked down 16 flights of stairs rather than wait any longer. They have a non-negotiable $30 nightly "resort fee" (are you *kidding* me?) which covers nothing more than the fitness center, WiFi, free long distance calls, etc. - in other words, add $30 onto whatever price you can find, and then add tax on top of that. Even with these issues, Park Central is on the high side of 3 stars - call it 3 1/2, but I'm rating it 3 since I'd rather you be pleasantly surprised than somewhat disappointed.

Still, this 1920's hotel has a *huge*, gorgeous bar, a good little snack area with quality coffee, and most importantly, quiet, comfortable, borderline-luxurious rooms that are surprisingly large. My king-sized bed was so big (I believe it was a California King) that I had to walk sideways to walk between the foot of the bed and the dresser. I could see Carnegie Hall right out my window as well. This was doubly fun for me, as Matt's band from Indiana University stayed here as well, and one night we walked over to Yakitori Totto and had dinner.

I paid an average of about $133 a night to stay here, not including the $30 fee (which is clearly advertised, so there are no surprises), so it worked out to about $163 a night plus incidentals and taxes. Housekeeping is unobtrusive and does a good job, and the front desk staff is friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

I would absolutely stay here again at the same rate, and recommend Park Central very highly to anyone wanting to stay just three blocks south of Central Park.

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