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Troika Gastronom - Russian Grocery Store near Seven Corners with a Strong Russian Beer Selection

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I walked into Troika Gastronom today, and noticed about a dozen different Russian beers for sale, most of them in single, 16-20 ounce bottles or thereabouts. I can't vouch for how long they've been sitting on the shelves, but I can vouch for the selection.

If you're in Seven Corners, or around Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church, the little-known Hillwood Avenue (one of the "seven corners"), VA Route 338, is your secret pathway.

Look at the tweet (is "tweet" capitalized?), and you'll see that cake, carrot mentioned that Halalco, a large Halal grocery store next door, is the best source for goat in the NoVa suburbs - I haven't been, but I trust Jake's palate. The two of these stores, in such close proximity, make this worth a detour, and New Grand Mart - putting three interesting ethnic grocery markets in a one-mile diameter - makes it worth a journey.

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Because I like Troika Gastronom, I thought I'd add a few additional items worth knowing about the store:

  • Last weekend of the month is 20% off.
  • There are two stickers on many items. The lower price is the bulk purchase price that you need to buy a few items to take advantage of. Maybe three?
  • They bake fresh bread. It's well made, cheap, and delicious, often hot out of the oven. Varieties have changed, but there's usually wheat, white, and rye. They keep their bread behind the counter on a dolly (it's not on their display rack) covered with a towel. I'd ask one of the staff. I can't guarantee they bake bead every day. We always go on Saturday.
  • Not everyone speaks English well, but there are usually one to two fluent people around that can help you out.
  • They sell fresh smetana, which is like creme fraiche. They are in unmarked deli containers in the refrigerator.
  • It's a great place to buy preserves, jams, and jellies. A huge selection.

I'm on the fence about Halalco. I've shopped there several times out of necessity---it's really hard to find goat, and they break down a ton of goat in their large butcher shop in the back. But the store is dirty and unkept, and I feel like they haven't done inventory in ten years. If I found another supplier that didn't require a special order, I would go there instead. I asked about the origin of their goat, and I believe it comes from overseas. I've also received poor quality, gristly cubed meat from them before.

Halalco does have a hidden (only in the sense that most people don't know about it) buffet in the back that can be good, and they'll bring you fresh bread. Buffet could be weekend only.

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