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Laura Lawless - Internet Pioneer of Teaching French to English Speakers


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I just stumbled across Laura Lawless on Twitter. I don't know Laura, but back in the "old days," when I was a beginning French student, I relied on her website for a *lot*. 

Things have changed, and so has her website: Lawless French (kind of a clever double-entendre) has a much cleaner, nicer look than her old website did, but I know from many years ago that her content has been wonderful since the get-go. I don't even need to spend much time on her website to be able to recommend it to budding Francophones.

One fun thing is that she has a <<mot du jour>>, which is perfect for intermediate-level French speakers looking to improve their vocabulary without working too hard to do it. For example, today's word was <<quincaillerie>>, or a hardware store. That's useful information, and it takes about two seconds to learn - all you have to do is create a list, and put her on it. As an example, I did that here (feel free to subscribe - I'll probably just leave her as the only thing on it for awhile). 

So, lawlessfrench.com: highly recommended! Make sure to look at the "Subjunctivisor" - a way to help suffering French students with the God-forsaken subjunctive verb tense.

I don't know if there's a feature on her website where people can ask her questions, but if anyone here has French questions, I'll be happy to help. In fact, this just popped into my head: A separate thread (or even a subforum) where members can let people know they're fluent in a second language, and volunteer to answer any questions. I can do it for French (if I don't know something, I'll be happy to research it, as I *should* know it).

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