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Washington, DC Area Officers Killed in the Line of Duty


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"Elegy for a Pig" on Hulu, a 25-minute long Adam-12 episode

Below are links to the 347 line-of-duty deaths for officers stationed in DC and surrounding jurisdictions. Included are MD and VA state enforcement (which may include fatalities outside the area), and excluded are the vast majority of federal enforcement agencies (which may exclude fatalities inside the area).

I urge people to watch "Elegy for a Pig" (if you cannot afford the subscription, write me) then take some time to think about all 347 men and women from our hometown, every single one having suffered the same fate as Officer Tom Porter. Although Adam-12 is fictional, my best friend was a fallen officer - he won't be listed here, because suicides aren't included, but those few of us left know that Evan's death was "in the line of duty." I was the best man in his wedding, and a couple years later, I was the only non-Jewish pallbearer at his funeral. I rode along with him on patrol many times, including one fateful evening when Patrolman Ryan Johnson was shot, lying there bleeding to death before my very eyes, and leaving behind a wife and child when he died from his gunshot wounds.

This post is dedicated to Sergeant Evan Michael Rogers, Prince Georges Country Police Department, End of Watch: Jan 18, 1993. Evan's kid sister, Karen (or, "Tuffy," as he called her), runs the Facebook page, "Survivors of Suicide." Karen just this minute wrote me to say that Evan's dad said to say hello - when I saw the face of Mr. Rogers - now in his 80s - when he threw a handful of dirt on Evan's coffin, it was the first time I ever saw the end of the world. Supposedly, Evan wrote something to me in his suicide note; I never read it.

Line of Duty Deaths - From "Officer Down Memorial Page"

Alexandria Police Department

Alexandria Sheriff's Office

Arlington County Police Department

DC Metropolitan Police Department

DC Department of Corrections

DC Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Police Department

Fairfax County Police Department

Fairfax County Sheriff's Office

Hyattsville Police Department

Prince George's Country Police Department

Prince George's Country Sherriff's Department

Seat Pleasant Police Department

MD Board of Public Works - State Fishery Force

MD Department of Natural Resources - State Park Service

MD Division of Correction

MD National Capital Park Police - Montgomery County Division

MD Natural Resources Police

MD Toll Facilities Police Department

MD Transportation Authority Police

Montgomery Country Police Department

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

U.S. Capitol Police

U.S. Department of Defense - Pentagon Police Department

U.S. Department of Defense - Walter Reed Army Center Police

VA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

VA Department of Corrections

VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

VA Department of Prohibition Enforcement

VA Department of Motor Vehicles - Enforcement Division

VA Port Authority Police Department

VA State Police

White House Police Force


U.S. Government (too many to include, except for what's listed above)

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