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Star Snow Ice & Teriyaki, Taiwanese Street Food and Noodle House on Bellaire Boulevard at Beltway 8 in Chinatown


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Ignore all of the items in the name of the place, better boba-type drinks can be had in multiple places in the same shopping mall (in fact there are like half a dozen fronting Bellaire, all battling it out, the creamy/tart variety at Sharetea was my winner), the Szechuan dry noodles here are just incredible.  Perfect flavor and textural balance--match-stick cucumbers of a nutty, spicy, sauce... I could go on but just go try it.  It's also $4.50, so, yeah.  The beef noodle soup, pork chop, fried tofu are all very good here as well, but, those noodles tho.

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Excellent as ever. Only gripe was the cucumbers on the Szechuan dry noodles were not quite matchstick thin, a little wider and that threw something off texture-wise.  Fried tofu had that excellent salt and pepper tang accompanying its light crisp.  My little ones split the beef noodle soup, which put two-yeah old into slurping carb-zen for the duration of the meal and had four-yeah-old asking, totally unprompted, to return the next day.  About 80% of the tables were full on a Friday at lunch, in a just world the line would be out the door.  

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