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Luca, Italian on West James Street in Lancaster - by the Owners of Ma(i)son

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On 1/13/2017 at 8:14 PM, kitkatpaddywak said:

Meet Leean & Taylor Mason the owners of both Ma(i)son, and Luca. 

I find the more you know the backstory of a restaurant, the more inclined you are to support the them. This is solely my opinion. I will support this family, and hope friends will follow me.


New York Times Travel feature for Luca:

"A Pennsylvania Restaurant That's Hot in More Ways than One" by Kathryn O'Shea-Evans on nytimes.com

A sister restaurant to Ma(i)son. Luca, unlike its sister, serves liquor. Its nothing short of amazing.

Central PA eats,


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Best Salad in the World, according to Alton Brown.

Mr Brown is no stranger to Lancaster, Pa. Last fall he had visited Luca's sister restaurant, Maison, and raved about how it was the best restaurants of the year.  Luca is not traditionally opened on Monday night, but when Alton is in town, it's a safe assumption that the owners make an exception. Not only did he dine in Lancaster, but word has it, that he actually had dinner with a group of people including the owners of Luca.  Swell guy.  Brown's "Eat your Science" tour hits Hershey, Pa tonight so maybe there will be other Alton Brown sightings in the South Central Pa region. He actually sent  out an social media request for people to tag eateries #ABRoadEats to map suggestions as to where he should pop in for a bite.  A great campaign if you ask me, that is if you are a fan of Alton Brown.

Good Eats,


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Pivoting their model to meet the needs of the public 

repost via Maison Dixon BBQ  formerly known as Maison. 

As a result of the pandemic, restaurants are facing unprecedented times.  Resilience, creativity and an ability to adapt will be essential to small businesses weathering the storm.  In that spirit, we have decided that fine dining farm-to-table cooking is not what our community needs right now.

We have all experienced uncertainty and anxiety over the past couple of months and we think it’s fair to say a little bit of comfort right now goes along way.

So, we have decided to apply some creative thinking to our business and embrace the take-out model whole heartedly.  This week we launch ‘Ma(i)son-Dixon BBQ’.   A take-out Barbecue restaurant that will be inspired by barbecue traditions from across the land.  It will feature house-smoked meats, delicious sides and decadent desserts.   

Menus and ordering will all be done via RESY, our online platform for reservations.  The weekly menus will be posted there along with all the directions needed to procure some fine barbecue.

While our concept and menu will change monthly, one thing that will always remain steadfast are our values and commitment to quality that have been the hallmark of our business over the past nine years. Ma(i)son-Dixon BBQ will be curated and cooked by the same wonderful people you have come to love.

We are excited to flip the script, explore something new and to provide some smoked meat deliciousness to our community.


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