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Website here:http://www.ramsheadonstage.com/

I didn't see a topic for Rams Head.  They have multiple locations.  The Annapolis location is pretty close to my Mom's house.  We always find it to be pretty general purpose.  The food isn't bad, although not necessarily remarkable, but it is a good place to go with pickier eaters because everyone can find something they will like, and it is pretty reasonable in terms of price.  We went for brunch the other day as we just wanted some eggs and Miss Shirley's is crazy busy and kind of expensive, and Lucky Rooster and Chick and Ruths were a longer walk in the cold.  We had a completely clueless server, who was very nice, but nevertheless clueless.  I asked if they had any non-dairy creamers and he didn't think so; I had tea.  It was brought in a mug that clearly needed descaled of coffee junk build-up, to the point, I was a bit surprised he brought it out like that.  He took our order without writing anything down, I think that was a mistake for him.  Mom wanted a water that never came (although we saw a water that was full on the empty table behind us, so maybe he sat it there and forgot?).  She ordered poached eggs and they brought fried, they took it back, but by the time it came out, her english muffin was cold, although to me it didn't appear toasted in the first place.  We had other servers that seemed to fill in and help and then he would come and be surprised someone helped us.  It was a little odd, but normally service here is pretty adequate.  They also have some good live music acts from time to time.  They had jazz playing in the back which was nice, and had I been inclined, the $10 bloody mary bar seemed like quite a good deal.  I had eggs benedict with a country style ham that was really good, the eggs were nice and runny and their breakfast potatoes have a nice crisp to them.  When Mom's food came out, despite the cold bread, the rest was good.

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