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14 hours ago, DonRocks said:

Poke is fast-becoming a trend (or fad, take your pick) in the Washington, DC area - DC has about 4-5 Poke-based restaurants that have either just opened, or are about to open.

New York-based PokéWorks opened in Korean-heavy Annandale, VA (about ten miles southwest of DC) early in 2017, and is also opening in The Heights (as well as in Dallas this Summer).

So, brace yourselves, Houston: Hawaii is coming to you, and don't be surprised to see a few more - mostly using the fast-casual / quick-serve format.

You know what? I still don't know if "Poke" has an <<accent aigu>> over the "e" or not - seemingly 1/3 of the places online have it, and about 2/3 don't. I'm not even sure if it's pronounced "po-kay" or "poke"; I just know that when it's done right - *with fresh fish* (refer to sashimi), it is a monster dish. The problem, of course, being "fresh fish" - which doesn't seem to be much of a problem in Hawaii.

My friend, who was born, raised and now lives on the island of Hawaii pronounces it po-kay. So that's what I have always called it. There is a fresh fish shop in the Ferry Building in San Francisco that carries "poke mix" from Hawaii with recipes printed on the back. There is no accent over the "e" on their packaging. It includes Hawaiian salt, ogo (seaweed) and chili pepper. They recommend adding sliced green onion as well. I usually buy a few of these packets and keep them on hand, and when I get the chance to buy some nice, fresh fish, I am poke ready.

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Lots of places have it on their menu and based on my experiences, these range from cheap and rushed to sublime.

A pet peeve: the use of kale in poke which transforms it into a fusion version of chirashizushi and rabbit food. Don't do that and we'll get along swimmingly.

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