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Badaro - fast casual Lebanese food

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I saw this place near the library.  I believe it replaced Naked Pizza.  It's a sort of Lebanese Chipotle.  You choose a base: wrap, rice, bulgar, or greens.  Then a protein:  falafel, chicken shwarma or kabob, beef, lamb.  Then toppings:  I chose many but my favorites were baba ghanoush and hummus.  Then sauce, I chose tahini dressing.  They give you a lot of food.  We got there at noon which I guess is early so I was eating leftover falafel and  old chicken shwarma.  My friend got fresher shwarma and she said it was very good.  This place has a lot of potential and I plan to visit it again soon--maybe later in the day so I get fresh falafel and chicken.

Here is the menu:  https://www.eatbadaro.com/menu/

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Epilog:  I ate my leftovers last night for dinner.  I heated it up, esp. the falafel and the chicken.  It tasted much better, the falafel and chicken seemed less dry after a nuke in the microwave.  I'll be back. BTW, they had what looked like American black olives but they told me they were Greek olives.  They are American black olives.

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