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Burnsville, NC


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It wasn't worth starting a new thread for Burnsville, NC, which is about 30 miles from Asheville, the county seat for Yancey County.  There are not a whole lot of options, but if you happen to be there, Rio is passable Mexican food -- except the chips are meh, from a bag -- and choose Bubba's Good Eats (go for anything pig, plus excellent pork rinds) over Pig & Grits (no smoke in the pulled pork and mushy, so probably braised or sous vide).  Garden Deli on the town square has serviceable food, not high end,  but potato wedges are fried crispy & not greasy, and the portions are generous for the price, friendly service, kid friendly.  Since the last time I was there, Yancey Co. now allows alcoholic beverages, so there's beer & wine in the grocery stores and there's a liquor store and a wine shop in town.


Charlotte, NC (DonRocks)

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