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Chef and My Fridge - Korean Competitive Cooking


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A really simple premise..8 chefs, 2 moderators, 2 special guests, 2 guest refrigerators.  Yep, a crew goes to the guests house and picks up their refrigerators and bring them to the studio. While the show is in Korean (Hangul), there are copious closed captions so anyone can follow what's happening.  A typical show starts with the introduction of the episodes guests. These are usually movie or television or musical stars and are all quite well known by the intended audience (for me? Not so much but that doesn't make this any less fun).  One of the two visiting stars goes first. The two moderators do an "inventory" of the fridge of that guest. The guest is then asked for a theme for the dishes they would like to be made from the ingredients in their fridge. Themes have included "Increase my appetite", "Make me want to drink more Soju" and "Remind me of home" are somewhat typical.  Two dishes are named and then 4 of the 8 chefs are selected.  The chefs decide which of the two dishes they are going to create from the fridge ingredients and the competition starts. They are given 15 minutes to create a dish or dishes that they feel will satisfy the guests request.  There is an amazing amount of creativity displayed along with huge amounts of humor.  At the end of the 15 minutes, the dishes are presented to the guest (and then the 4 remaining chefs and the moderators).  The guest has to select the winning dish and chef.  The chefs are all well-known and respected Seoul chefs (with one exception who is a writer but also a SERIOUS foodie) and their specialties range from Korean (naturally), all of Asia, and European as well.

The series is on Netflix and you can find it by searching for Chef and My Fridge.

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