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Aretha Franklin is an incredible American institution:  the Queen of Soul.  Her music blended soul and gospel with a powerful emotive voice.  I believe she had over 100 top hits.  Her voice was dominant in the 1960's and 70's.  She literally helped create an incredibly popular music genre.

Her voice was beautiful and powerful.  She transcended Soul.   Currently she is terribly ill and in hospice care.  Bless you Aretha.

So many examples of her music:   I'm often grabbed by scenes from film. Here are a couple of examples:

From the Blues Brothers, 1980.  Aretha puts the Song Think, from 1968, into a wonderful scene:

Chain of Fools Came out in 1967.  Below is a rendition from the mid '90's movie Michael in a dance scene I found mesmerizing:

And from 2015, not soul, not a film, but Aretha magnificently performing You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman


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