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Here's what we've had to say on the LA food truck scene in the past (from the original Dining in LA thread):

On 12/1/2009 at 12:41 PM, 1000yregg said:

I found the Kogi BBQ Korean Taco truck via their twitter account.
Tried two of their tacos- the short rib (kalbi) and the spicy pork. They are served on small 3" corn tortillas, $2 each. The short rib was the superior of the two. The tacos were loaded with veggies, kimchee, onions, lettuce, cabbage.
What I liked better than their tacos were two of their specialties- the kimchee quesadilla- loaded with cheese and kimchee, and the Kogi slider- which was like a slider loaded with bulgogi.
Their lines, especially in the evenings can run an hour, but we were lucky to catch a small lunch rush in Santa Monica.

On 4/4/2012 at 1:11 PM, 1000yregg said:

The next day, went on a mini food truck safari. Started at eggslut for breakfast and had "thee slut", a coddled egg served in a small jar over potato puree, with a side of toast. We then went to a park nearby Universal studios where trucks hang out. I had the loco moco and spam musubi at Aloha Fridays truck. It was cheap- $10 for the lot. I noticed that food trucks are cheaper in LA than in DC or Baltimore- what gives?

On 5/13/2013 at 10:52 AM, Sundae in the Park said:

Finally got to try the famous Kogi truck, and while my suddenly kim-chee-crazed husband loved it, I thought it was just fine.  Great tacos for cheap are widely available around here and the price and the grease factors were a little high for me.  The Ludo truck, however, really manages to do wonderful things with fried chicken.  Even though it's boneless and cooked up fast to order, the crust, heavily studded with rosemary, is remarkably crunchy and the chicken stays incredibly moist. 

On 8/8/2013 at 11:28 AM, Sundae in the Park said:

Belly Bombz (food truck) is all the name promises "“ great Korean fried wings smothered in tasty sauces, plus sliders and fries. It's a bellyful and the sauces will get all over your hands and clothes (and mouth, and facial hair, as applicable "“ luckily they are free with the handi-wipes) but it will all be worth it.  I wanted to try all the sauces but the Firecracker is a sweet-chile, low-heat, great start!

On the other hand, I don't really get the appeal of the Grilled Cheese Truck.  Every time I see it, there's an hour+ line.  I waited once to try the cheesy mac-n-rib, which I admit I'd been lusting after for a while, but in the end it was cheesy toast filled with some OK mac-n-cheese and a dab of BBQ rib meat.  Now I'm just glad that its line sucks up customers from the trucks I do want to try.

On 1/1/2014 at 9:22 PM, Sundae in the Park said:

I've gone through most of the flavors of Belly Bombz at this point, and my favorites are the firecracker and soy caramel.  The mom's recipe is a little bland and I didn't really care for the sriacha lime or spicy garlic parmesan.  I like my wings saucier so I've only tried the bomb dust on fries.  It tastes exactly like the flavor of an excellent BBQ potato chip so I thought it was great, but YMMV.  The slaw that comes with all items is crisp and refreshing, gobbled down by two people who generally don't like cole slaw.  My husband really likes the sliders (both the pork belly and the beef, when they have them) but I stick with the boneless wings.

We haven't been to the Ragin' Cajun restaurant, but their food truck is one of our favorites, with some lick-worthy chicken-sausage bisque and perfectly-fried po' boy fillings.

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Eggslut has morphed into a hugely popular mini-chain with 4 LA-area locations, one in Vegas, and one in Beirut??!! It doesn't appear to have a truck anymore.

Ludo has two locations; a stand in the Staples Center and a spot on Universal Citywalk. I miss their truck.

BellyBombz has two storefronts; one in Artesia and one in Whittier. They still run a fleet of trucks but I always check and triple check that they're coming to an event, because I've been frequently disappointed by their last-minute cancellations (granted, they come up a long way to get to my county but sometimes they just never show up!!). I still try to get their boneless wings whenever they come up our way.

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I'm not a huge fan of the Grilled Cheese Truck, but I'm thrilled when I'm at a food truck event and they show up. As a perennial crowd favorite, they are GREAT at drawing off people into their line!  I've tried it a few times (waiting in a LONG line each time), but, in the end, it's a rapidly cooling cheese sandwich that you're eating in a parking lot somewhere. Turns out, I like to enjoy my grilled cheese more slowly, in a cozier setting, preferably with something soupy to dip into. I've tried the cheesy mac, cheesy mac-n-rib, and nutella melts - all are luscious and decadent, and they do serve tater tots(♥️), but it's just as easy to make something similar or better at home for a fraction of the cost. Since I hate to be able to say that about my outside-the-home food, no longer let myself be seduced by their cheesy promises 😉 

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