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Full Circle Artisan Palace- Outrageously delicious doughnut offerings in Hampden

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"At Hampden's Full Circle Artisan Palace, a doughnut maker plays by different rules,"  by Anna Muckerman & Hallie Miller, Baltimore Sun  10-9-18

I have been here on numerous occasions, and would often scratch my head on the offerings. In the same breath I say that, everyone one of the donuts I tried were extraordinary.  I have yet to make it there before the #hotwing doughnut manages to sell out. You read that right, Hot Wing.  They also make a SEC, Scrapple, Egg & Cheese, as well. The one that won me over was the "Berger" doughnut, which obviously pays homage to the local fav, Berger Cookies. The challenge here is trying to get there before they sell out for the day.  If you are in Hampden,  I highly suggest a visit to Full Circle.





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