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Truffle Fraud


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Very nice article and full of truth. Alba truffles are a unique product and I keep telling people that tartufi di Alba are very very pungent and strong aroma. If one truffle does not totally fill a room of a beautiful aroma you should be very skeptical of it. Believe me in order to understand fully, you need to go to Alba during truffle season ( october to december) and walk the beautiful little street of Alba and you will smell truffle the all way. Then go in a reputable restaurant and have truffle just on a butter dressed tajarin pasta and you will learn the real power of a white truffle. At the price that truffle are sold here in the States it will be cheaper to go there and get the real flavor.

The Article unfortunately explain how bad things are getting in Italy. This is only one small problem we do have. All our excellent product get ripped a part copied and sold for the real one.

I blame us ,Italian that we do not care or we are too lazy to take actions in order to protect  the beautiful and good things we have.

Finishing on the white truffle, my personal point is:

Until 10 12 years ago I use to get my truffle direct from my brother in law ( he was born in , which he will by direct from few trifulao that he knows well. I was serving those truffle with pride.

After that I  reary  sell white truffle and If I do I never sell them for Alba truffle if am not sure are from there.Thre is not need to eat food that you are not sure about it.

Thanks Don to allert me about the article.

Ciao all.

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