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Haifa Grill, Seminary Road

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I've ordered delivery from here a few times (their baba ganoush is the best I've ever had, hands down) and they deliver to our pool.  Stopped in last night for carry out - you order at the counter and there are some tables inside and also outside.  I think there's a hookah bar on the 2nd floor.  It's next to the old Toy's R Us right off of Route 7.

Got the chicken kabob platter, some falafel (they were okay), above mentioned baba ganoush, hummus and an order of foul (sp?)  My son and i both think the hummus is excellent and the chicken is perfectly grilled and seasoned.  I love the foul as well - really delicious.

While we waited, we tried the bottled juices - my son had mango and I had guava.  They're from Egypt and yummy.

They deliver through a few of the apps but not everywhere - luckily, I fall into their area.  

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