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Gom Shabu Shabu Centreville

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Gom Shabu Shabu
13840 Braddock Rd

Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 266-2931


I was not sure if this was related to Gom E Tang or not, but the website reveals it is part of a new chain started in Georgian with a couple of Shabu Shabu joints and a KBBQ.  I think Gom is the large pot used for making broth for things like Sul Lon Tang and Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu and stews.  But I am not sure.  Google translate doesn't suppport my hypothesis and I have yet to ask Grover.  

Having written the review for So Korean BBQ, I thought what better way to waste time on Labor Day than stuffing myself with BBQ meat? But on arrival there was a 35 to 45 minute wait quoted.  The dining room was not even a quarter full so this speaks tot he labor shortage they face.  I asked Google maps for Korean near me and Gom Shabu Shabu popped up with an AYCE option so I went.  It was minutes away and led me to the Old Crossroads Shipping Center which is full of a huge number of restaurants from IHop and Glory Days to places I want to try.  

The Shabu Shabu place was jumping and if I wanted a table the wait would ahve been considerable but for one, I was led tot he counter along the window and seated immediately.  You can order a meal consisting of one meat, a veggie plate and one noodle or the AYCE for $25.99.  Given it was a holiday, the lunch meals were not available so I went with the AYCE.  The only choice on the menu not on the AYCE was the premium beef as far as I can tell.  

You get a paper menu and order what you want. Many items like dumplings and baby octopus are listed by the each {I got 2 baby octopus having ordered 1} which is a great way to discover the dumplings are really god and the lams forgettable without getting a plate of either. You can order as many times as you want.

This is Korean Shabu Shabu, not Japanese.  The major difference is the stock {here a vegetarian broth}, the wide assortment of meats {Japanese style usually has only 1 meat per person} and sauce {they ahve a typical hot pot sauce bar but I didn't avail myself off it, I let the server make my sauce. I will make my own nexxt time as there were a lot of good choices}  Shabu and Hot Pot are best viewed as a spectrum with true Japanese shabu being refined and hot pot being lusty.  Korean shabu is somewhere in the middle.  Of course, having said that, Oedgadjib serves a shabu that is more Japanese with only a sesame and a vinegary/citrus based sauce. 

What was best?

Squid {takes almost no time to cook except for the pieced with the body and legs both, even these don't need more than a minute or two}
Baby Octopus {especially if you don't forget about them like me and overcook them}
All the Veggies especially the greens and mushrooms

What was good?

Korean noodles {although I think user error was the issue from these being better, they take longer to cook than I thought}

What was so so?

The meats {lamb, beef, fatty brisket}

What is funny is that I didn't really enjoy the meats but I had a super time anyways.  I just wish I hadn't ordered 3 meats to start as you really can't just leave it uncooked without getting dirty looks or a wasted food charge} The service and the veggies and cephalopods made fro a delicious lunch. One tip, they ahve more ladle like spoons on the sauce bar and this will make for easier cooking. Also save the noodle for last as the broth had a tenancy to boil over and getting a lapful off hot broth is not a way to realize you were not paying attention. Didn't happen to me due to quick work with the napkins and quickly shoving my bar stool backwards.  

I will definitely be back but there are so many places to try in the shopping center that I won't be back too soon.

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