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Hibachi Supreme & Buffet

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5900 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

(703) 824-9000

I outed myself as a buffet goer on the Golden Buffet thread, but of late the quality really fell off. I had a very bad first experience at this Hibachi Supreme when it first opened but I decided to go back. I am pleasantly surprised at what I found. I have returned three times as I have not tried everything so it has yet to bore me. They claim to have the largest buffet in the area but it feels smaller than golden. But there is a lot of good stuff to be had and for $8.95 {senior discount} at lunch, it is worth a visit when hungry and in need or a large variety of foods. 

General comments: this is the old Hokkaido buffet and they did a nice job of freshening up what was really a dump of a place. The service is really pleasant especially compared to Golden. There is sushi, pho, hibachi, salads, desserts, and the assortment of cooked dishes. They do a good job of refilling.

I went for lunch today and had the mussel soup {could have been mussels, could have been clams, or I don't want to think about what it could have been} and seafood soup. Both were good. The salad bar is a little smaller than golden, but it has a lot of good stuff like the baby octopus salad, cukes & tomato {if you get past the supermarket out of season tomatoes, I get more cukes than tomatoes} and a couple of bean salads. The cooked foods are varied and pretty good overall. The sushi is a mixed bag: sometime the rice is hardened from sitting out too long and sometimes it is good. Mostly rolls, but they do offer mackerel, shrimp and tilapia nigari. They also have inari stuffed with rice and toppings and cups of fish eggs, today masago which was quite good and I heaped it on other sushi and dishes. You can make your money back if you concentrate on the masago! Other days black fish eggs which were salty. I have tried their 'stone crab' and it was good, but I wish they had crackers to break the shell, but the meat I could get out was surprisingly sweet and not too briney for what is obviously frozen crab.

For a place with Hibachi Supreme as its name, their Hibachi is small but actually quite good. There is no sauce bar so you are at the mercy of hte cook, but my plate came back juicy with the food left in larger pieces and not hacked small like at Golden. There is soy and chile oil on the slad bar if youwant more flavor. There is a choice of shrimp, even at lunch, chicken and beef all of surprisingly good quality. 

On the negative side, the dim sum is a tired little afterthought of really bad choices but at least there are only 4 of them. And some of the dishes have too much oil in them, but those are obvious. 

All in all, a decent stop for really cheap food, mostly good, nothing great. 

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