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Berber - Tunisian Restaurant and Supper Club in Russian Hill

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Dinner at Berber with a few friends was a pleasant surprise. I'm not aware of truly Tunisian restaurants in the Washington DC area, so diving into this cuisine was a rare treat.

The meal began with mezze for the table -- grilled octopus, dips and bread (muhammara, bissara, zaatar lebna), and crispy brussels sprouts. Bread was delicious and fresh from the oven, and the food was perfectly spiced and delicious.

I followed with the lamb tagine, accompanied by olive-spiked couscous. The lamb was melt-in-my-mouth tender and the dish was superb. I can't overstate how much I enjoyed this dish.

I also had a shot of Tunisian liqueur, made from figs. Quite powerful stuff, but nicely appropriate for the venue.

Service was slow even by San Francisco's laid-back standards. I should note that the bathroom was beautiful.

A supper club with entertainment is next door.


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