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Bacteriophages - The Ultimate Killer, and the Possible Savior of Humanity


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This is a wonderful, easily understood primer on "bacteriophages." WAIT! This is important.

Before you leave, all you need to know is the definition of bacteriophage, and it's easy: A "bacteriophage" is a virus that *only* invades and takes over bacteria; not humans, not animals, not plants - only bacteria.

"Phage" is a Greek word relating to eating, as in necrophagia (the desire in someone to eat dead people (cf: Hannibal Lecter)). A bacteriophage is a bacterium that eats viruses (well, it doesn't actually "eat" them, but that's the allegory being used).

This video is designed for the person who has no scientific knowledge. However, it does help to know the basic differences between a "bacterium" (a living organism) and a "virus" (a parasite that requires a living host). You'll find it fascinating, educational, and rewarding without any effort on your part.

If you wonder where money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes, here's part of your answer. And if you enjoy this short video (and really now, what else do you have to do?), there are others like it - visit Kurzgesagt's website.

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