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  1. Also totally fair. I haven't posted in this thread but I've had overall great experiences at Bresca but I will say the experience tends to be more of like 3 or 4 out of 5 dishes are great with 1/2 being underwhelming, but the highs for me have been superlative (the various foie dishes, duck a la presse, chestnut agnolotti on the original menu, beef tartarlets come to mind) which makes up for the lows (for me) especially since they're very creative. However I'd definitely be a little more "whelmed" on the whole if the dud dishes were entrees, which is always unfortunate.
  2. Worth noting - head chef Ryan Ratino is currently off on a research trip in Japan which could certainly contribute to that.
  3. @Reedm How much was the wine pairing? I would never call myself an expert but those look nice to me (much better than the Inn's wine pairings at least). The one thing that caught my eye on there was the Chateauneuf-du-Pape being third on there because if I follow correctly that means it would've been paired with the black bass course. If that is correct I'd be interested in hearing what the Sommelier's reasoning was for that one (my guess is maybe it goes super well the harissa but not sure). Anyway thank you for the super detailed post (again)!
  4. I was about to write up a post but I realized I got the exact same order as Rovers ^ and had mostly the same opinion of everything. I'd note that I thought the beef tartare with the oyster sauce was great but if you got too much of the black garlic sauce in a bite it overwhelmed everything else. The only difference was we got a burger to split after the amazing duck - we were starving going into dinner and both have big appetites so this was somehow feasible fullness wise. This was the best burger I've had in a while - the beef patty is made from trimmings from the aged dairy cow ribeye used in their large format steak course so it had a ton of flavor on it's own, and it was really well balanced with the quality cheddar, miso brined pickles and whatever the special sauce was (was a little tipsy at this point). The duck would be my most recommended item but I enjoyed everything I tasted minus the mushrooms which weren't bad but underwhelming. Will add my Instagram post pictures once I have that ready.
  5. I ordered Prince's "Hot" level the first time I was in Nashville. Personally thought it tasted amazing the level of euphoria I experienced from the heat was beyond anything I'd ever felt before... less enjoyable was the rest of the day, I went to a nice restaurant for dinner but didn't really get to enjoy it and was instead busy googling "foods that help with acid reflux". It's worth it to me provided you are able to clear out a whole day. Certainly interested in trying this place out (and ordering something around whatever medium is).
  6. The tortilla price at $150 seems pretty insane to me - I guess partially because Uni is not something I'd wanna pay extra for even though I really like it in certain specific contexts. I'd get it more if it came with a bunch of caviar but the online menu says paddlefish roe which is still tasty but hard to justify the price to me *as someone who tends to not overly care about most DC restaurant prices. I do really wanna go and get the duck though as that's one of my favorite things to order. Would like to see how it compares to Bresca's amazing Duck a la presse.
  7. Reedm : thank you for the super detailed post! One question about the above - how many different menus did they have available? On their website they show the "classics", gastronauts, and good earth menus but this is the first I've heard of the seafood menu. *I'm headed here in two weeks and trying to get a lay of the menu situation since the online ones aren't updated regularly.
  8. Went to Rice Paper last Thursday night for the first time and was really impressed with the duck curry soup special I got. They actually had a number of duck dishes on special that evening which I would be interested in trying if they're available again. We also got spring rolls which were good but I'm generally indifferent towards as an appetizer and then the "Imperial Autumn Roll" which on the menu is described as: "Crispy rice thread wrapper filled with marinated minced prawn, crab, taro, and yam combined with added spices and wrapped into rolls" which I really liked. Next time I'd definitely like to try the quails which I saw come out and looked beautiful.
  9. Last week I attended the special "Dairy Cow Dinner" Tail up Goat hosted where every course featured beef from dairy cow/cows from "Earth n Eats". As with the other Tail up Goat event dinners I've been to this awesome, with the main featured giant steak brought out reminding me a Komi final meat course meets (meats) a high end steak house. Was certainly stuffed by the end from the courses plus the wine pairings but no complaints on my end. Pictures and further descriptions from my IG:
  10. I'm happy it's moving to a better location. I had a really good meal there this fall - not perfect but the best dishes I thought were truly excellent along with some other very good ones. The tuna crudo and the branzino were genuinely fantastic. The interior though definitely felt a bit hotel-y and unbefitting of a lot of the creative cooking that's on the menu. I'll be excited to see it in a new space - hopefully that plus the Michelin star will equate to it being more popular.
  11. Pictures I took from the innaugural brunch service at TuG on 12/2 (thank you window lighting). Really enjoyed the meal and at only $40 a person for 3 courses a pretty damn good deal all things considered to try the awesome cooking here. I managed to get NYE reservations here which I'm extremely excited for.
  12. I feel dumb, [How can you possibly be expected to know something you've never known? I have no doubt that from this point forward, you'll have no trouble, but you're most certainly not dumb. DR] I tried so many different types of shared links and embedded posts and never thought to just paste the URL which is set up here. Thanks Don! You can delete this thread now. *And yes totally agree on Siren - there were a few dishes I thought were kinda meh (uni and the agnolotti) but everything else was great with the high points (tuna, branzino) being exceedingly high. I saw you had endorsed it prior to me going which gave me the necessary assurance I'd have a good time on top of the guide's star rating.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqkpLV_BQUd/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Don: I swear I saw someone get an embedded IG post somewhere on this board. If that is possible could you help me out (either in here or via PM?)
  14. I think one of the (many) problems with Isabella Eatery was it was really poorly suited for lunch traffic since it operated more like a sitdown restaurant with moderately high prices. Donburi I think will be appealing to people working nearby looking for an alternative to Sweetgreen, and hopefully the Thip Khao branch will be able to gain followers quickly after people try the food. I work down the street for T1 and am way more inclined to go over to T2 for those two options alone than I ever was for Isabella Eatery even before the whole sexual harassment stuff came to light (after which I never went).
  15. It also seems like an obvious headline grabber for a guide that was sponsored by a tourism board. ***All in all I really like the Michelin Guide as a resource - I feel like for US cities I have a pretty clear guide of what their rankings do and don't mean, it does seem like it has varying levels of quality / consistency / meaning from area to area.
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