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  1. This whole concept is honestly like too cool for T2. My 60 something parents mentioned they tried Sen Khao on a Friday and felt weird eating there in a largely empty mall. If the Tiger Fork place ends up being good between them, Donburi, and Sen Khao/Laowhich you honestly might have an overall higher quality set of food offerings than "The Block" in Annandale... I don't know if that's to draw in sizable outside traffic though.
  2. It's never crowded when I go - but Sen Khao and Laowhich seem to consistently have people eating in line at both lunch and dinner.
  3. Eric I thought this review was shockingly positive for this kind of place from you until this line 🤣. The pork steak description did surprise me during the menu preview for the exact reason you said - even by the chef's admission you can get the same thing at Eden Center - they just use a more expensive cut here (but it doesn't sound like it tasted particularly better).
  4. I feel like Federalist Pig does a really good job - they're just super limited by only having a gas smoker. The beef short ribs they do on Thursdays are nice (if a bit pricey).
  5. If anything I feel like Centrolina get's slightly better every time I go. I've yet to try any of the "mains" just because I tend to fill up on apps and then a pasta. Photos from last time I went - in particular I was a huge fan of the squid ink tuna sausage pasta:
  6. Elle should 1000% be Bib Gourmand. Sfoglina still being on BG seems ridiculous (I'm hard pressed as to how you'd eat there and be full even without wine for under $80 which is well over the BG limit).
  7. Does Fiola / Fiola Mare's use a single lobster per order? I remember the ravioli being pretty plump but didn't know if it was that amount in the whole dish.
  8. Even as an extremely non-frugal person the pricing at the Trabocchi places always frustrate / baffle me. I know lobster prices have gone up across the board but that still seems absurd.
  9. Very recent review from Andy Hayler As a side note I'd recommend checking out Andy's recent reviews from the DC area - these should probably go into the individual restaurant threads so I won't give a synopsis of them all, but on a relevant note here he gave Rasika a better score than Kinship which certainly runs counter to popular opinion on this board.
  10. At least on the Resy app you can sort by Lunch and then Early/Late/Prime for Dinner (maybe on non mobile they don't have this which would be crappy). I agree on the multiple searches thing but it's gotten to the point where I feel like Resy has more of the places I want to eat overall and less of ones that I don't. Often times now I just go the website of places I like then follow the reservations link to wherever it happens to take me (Kinship recently switched to Tock from OT, and Tail Up Goat recently switched to Resy from something random for instance).
  11. *Getting a little off topic here but I vastly prefer Resy to OpenTable from a user experience standpoint plus it seems to be better for the restaurants themselves money wise AND the selection of restaurants is more curated than OpenTable.
  12. I did a week-long trip to SF entirely for eating purposes with a focus on hitting a bunch of the notable tasting menus. Ate at Manresa, Quince, Californios, and Benu. Some general observations / thoughts as someone visiting from DC. The produce to me really stands out compared to the east coast. I felt like I better understand when people talk about a disparity between US versus Europe in terms of what Michelin stars mean because I definitely felt something similar just comparing SF to DC (and even a lot of the food I've had in NY). All 3 of the 3 stars completely outclassed Inn at Little Washington and the two star (Californios) I thought was better than any of the DC tasting menus. I'm not sure I could've more thoroughly enjoyed myself. All of those meals were very expensive - one thing I'd be interested to see if have some of the more wine knowledgeable people weight in on how much the wine pairings (which I did at every place listed above) is worth the value. *As a non expert I thought they all featured some incredible wines but I certainly don't know enough to comment on value in this case.
  13. I'm thinking of going to 2Amys for dinner tomorrow night (Saturday) for the first time and since a lot of y'all seem to have eaten here a lot I wanted to ask a few questions: It seems like almost everything is good but for a first time patron what would be the must orders? *Seems like anchovies for sure from this thread, specials generally seem strong and I definitely want to try two pies. Does it make a difference sitting at the wine bar versus the main dining area? How long is the wait typically on a Saturday? I'm thinking of going on the earlier side and maybe having a drink nearby while waiting.
  14. Also totally fair. I haven't posted in this thread but I've had overall great experiences at Bresca but I will say the experience tends to be more of like 3 or 4 out of 5 dishes are great with 1/2 being underwhelming, but the highs for me have been superlative (the various foie dishes, duck a la presse, chestnut agnolotti on the original menu, beef tartarlets come to mind) which makes up for the lows (for me) especially since they're very creative. However I'd definitely be a little more "whelmed" on the whole if the dud dishes were entrees, which is always unfortunate.
  15. Worth noting - head chef Ryan Ratino is currently off on a research trip in Japan which could certainly contribute to that.
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