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  1. Regardless of skill I associated Emilie's with Kevin Tien's unique food style. I'm interested to see how it goes but like new iterations of Mirabelle and Himitsu this is gonna feel like a completely new restaurant now. The main thing I wonder is if the seeds of this were sowed a while back or whether the issues came out because of the pandemic.
  2. I know people generally complain about restaurants being too loud but with Inn I already had the opposite problem. When I ate tgere last year I got seated in that back hallway area and it was so awkwardly quiet I found it hard to enjoy my conversation because literally everyone in that hallway would hear 100% of what I was saying. Anyways I don't know if sitting in a room of mannequins is less awkward than an empty one but it certainly is an interesting idea.
  3. I had both the spicy vodka pizza and the white pizza with ramps this weekend... I wouldn't consider myself a pizza aficionado but both were the best pizzas I've had in memory. The only pizzas that I would compare them too would be ones I've had in Italy. Not sure how to describe the style - they were very thin but perfectly sturdy with a light crisp on the bottom.
  4. Got the pork ribs for takeout - even after a 17ish minute walk home... wow, haven't had them in a while but still feel like they're one of the best dishes in the city.
  5. I'm seeing carry out but not delivery yet. Hopefully added soon but I imagine there's a rush of places all trying to do this at once.
  6. You probably only have a matter of days to get takeout / delivery from a restaurant and there's certainly some cool places offering these services that normally wouldn't. *I'm on doing this for places that have stopped allowing in house dining - shout outs to Tail up Goat for leading the #shutusdown trend on social media and encouraging action from DC rather than putting the onus on the restaurants themselves.
  7. I don't care if it's gonna cost like $15+ to deliver to Adams Morgan - if I can get a pork sausage lychee bowl delivered to me I'm absolutely going to do that. I think this kind of thing is a good measure to take but not sure if it'll matter in a matter of days / weeks if we end up like Italy in a lockdown mode.
  8. The fried chicken looks overly sauced but what was wrong with it outside of that? I was hoping it'd be sort of like Himitsu's original Gochjuang fried chicken which I thought was incredible.
  9. ^Hmmm when they announced it previously I'd thought they'd said it was either 35-40 dollars per person for dinner and a drink. Maybe Sfoglina upped their pasta sizes a bit - I enjoyed the place but I remember having to order quite a bit to reach a normal meal's level of fullness in the past.
  10. Great looking choices Katt, thank you! And I had definitely picked out Ekiben as a must-try lunch spot when I'm there, regardless of whether they're at the festival or not 👍
  11. I'm gonna be in Baltimore for a weekend in May for a music festival and am looking for some food recs. Mainly would like to hear about good dinner spots (although lunch suggestions are still welcome) - Nothing too fancy or formal, although I don't mind if it's moderately expensive. Preferably close-ish to Inner Harbor, but don't mind a short car ride. *I've been to Alma Cocina, Woodberry Kitchen, and Charleston before.
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