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  1. Got the pork ribs for takeout - even after a 17ish minute walk home... wow, haven't had them in a while but still feel like they're one of the best dishes in the city.
  2. I'm seeing carry out but not delivery yet. Hopefully added soon but I imagine there's a rush of places all trying to do this at once.
  3. You probably only have a matter of days to get takeout / delivery from a restaurant and there's certainly some cool places offering these services that normally wouldn't. *I'm on doing this for places that have stopped allowing in house dining - shout outs to Tail up Goat for leading the #shutusdown trend on social media and encouraging action from DC rather than putting the onus on the restaurants themselves.
  4. I don't care if it's gonna cost like $15+ to deliver to Adams Morgan - if I can get a pork sausage lychee bowl delivered to me I'm absolutely going to do that. I think this kind of thing is a good measure to take but not sure if it'll matter in a matter of days / weeks if we end up like Italy in a lockdown mode.
  5. The fried chicken looks overly sauced but what was wrong with it outside of that? I was hoping it'd be sort of like Himitsu's original Gochjuang fried chicken which I thought was incredible.
  6. ^Hmmm when they announced it previously I'd thought they'd said it was either 35-40 dollars per person for dinner and a drink. Maybe Sfoglina upped their pasta sizes a bit - I enjoyed the place but I remember having to order quite a bit to reach a normal meal's level of fullness in the past.
  7. Great looking choices Katt, thank you! And I had definitely picked out Ekiben as a must-try lunch spot when I'm there, regardless of whether they're at the festival or not 👍
  8. I'm gonna be in Baltimore for a weekend in May for a music festival and am looking for some food recs. Mainly would like to hear about good dinner spots (although lunch suggestions are still welcome) - Nothing too fancy or formal, although I don't mind if it's moderately expensive. Preferably close-ish to Inner Harbor, but don't mind a short car ride. *I've been to Alma Cocina, Woodberry Kitchen, and Charleston before.
  9. Elle has a bunch of interesting breads in their weekly lineup currently (from their website) : Baguette - AVAILABLE EVERYDAYCountry - AVAILABLE EVERYDAYOlive - MONDAYPolenta Fennel - TUESDAYSesame Emmer Wheat - WEDNESDAYDeli Rye - THURSDAYMaple Oat - FRIDAYBrioche Loaf - SATURDAYSeeded Multigrain - SATURDAYWhite Sourdough - SUNDAYSpelt Sandwich - SUNDAY I've had the Sesame Emmer wheat and it was phenomenal. The Country bread is so damn good it makes the other sourdough varieties disappointing (to me) by comparison. Really interested in trying the Olive, Polenta Fennel, and Deli Rye if I can make it over there for them though.
  10. Dabney has them on the menu fairly often and to echo Tweaked I thought they were delicious. Definitely recommended when going.
  11. Washingtonian Picks Anju as Its #1 Restaurant while it is certainly more expensive than Annandale places the prices are honestly pretty good for a restaurant in DC - so hopefully the ingredient quality and cooking makes up for the price jump. Charging $3 for an individual Banchan does feel kind of wrong though still.
  12. Went last night - if you love TUG (you should) you'll probably love this too. The main difference food wise to me is that at TUG dishes are a little wilder with ingredient combinations, whereas at Revelers things lean a bit more classic (especially notable with the pastas). Not to say that it's less tasty, just different - pastas are actually like small entree sized too which is nice. I'm definitely gonna swing by the bar during and attempt to not spend too much money drinking.
  13. For the tasting menu I'd highly recommend Benu if possible : I think that was my favorite meal I've eaten in the US and the style of food at that level is something you won't find anywhere else in the country.
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