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  1. I'm happy it's moving to a better location. I had a really good meal there this fall - not perfect but the best dishes I thought were truly excellent along with some other very good ones. The tuna crudo and the branzino were genuinely fantastic. The interior though definitely felt a bit hotel-y and unbefitting of a lot of the creative cooking that's on the menu. I'll be excited to see it in a new space - hopefully that plus the Michelin star will equate to it being more popular.
  2. Pictures I took from the innaugural brunch service at TuG on 12/2 (thank you window lighting). Really enjoyed the meal and at only $40 a person for 3 courses a pretty damn good deal all things considered to try the awesome cooking here. I managed to get NYE reservations here which I'm extremely excited for.
  3. I feel dumb, [How can you possibly be expected to know something you've never known? I have no doubt that from this point forward, you'll have no trouble, but you're most certainly not dumb. DR] I tried so many different types of shared links and embedded posts and never thought to just paste the URL which is set up here. Thanks Don! You can delete this thread now. *And yes totally agree on Siren - there were a few dishes I thought were kinda meh (uni and the agnolotti) but everything else was great with the high points (tuna, branzino) being exceedingly high. I saw you had endorsed it prior to me going which gave me the necessary assurance I'd have a good time on top of the guide's star rating.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqkpLV_BQUd/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Don: I swear I saw someone get an embedded IG post somewhere on this board. If that is possible could you help me out (either in here or via PM?)
  5. I think one of the (many) problems with Isabella Eatery was it was really poorly suited for lunch traffic since it operated more like a sitdown restaurant with moderately high prices. Donburi I think will be appealing to people working nearby looking for an alternative to Sweetgreen, and hopefully the Thip Khao branch will be able to gain followers quickly after people try the food. I work down the street for T1 and am way more inclined to go over to T2 for those two options alone than I ever was for Isabella Eatery even before the whole sexual harassment stuff came to light (after which I never went).
  6. FranklinDubya

    The Michelin Guide

    It also seems like an obvious headline grabber for a guide that was sponsored by a tourism board. ***All in all I really like the Michelin Guide as a resource - I feel like for US cities I have a pretty clear guide of what their rankings do and don't mean, it does seem like it has varying levels of quality / consistency / meaning from area to area.
  7. I think the last note is especially interesting because I've even had cases where the try-everything "tasting menu" option was actually excellent (Little Pearl, Maple Avenue brunch) but still doesn't actually feel like a tasting menu but rather a procession of dishes. Little Serow is rare in pulling off a low price point tasting that actually flows like a tasting menu - the symphony analogy is excellent. *I personally liked the Roses 5 year menu a lot, but sharing an entire loaf of bread plus a whole pork / lychee bowl between two is not would I would think is an ideal "tasting menu" start even if both items were delicious.
  8. Like many people on here I read everything Tom puts out but the Fall Top 10 has always been a bit of a head scratcher to me - it seems like it's trying to highlight a variety which makes sense for a guide but in a countdown it's weird seeing a 3.5 start at #4 and a 3 star at #3 - I'd prefer just a straight up power ranking top 10 although I'm sure people would bitch and moan about "only fine dining for the 1%" crap that you see in the comments sections. The format as best I can tell generally tends to be #10-6ish newer places that are usually good value, 6ish-3ish highly rated nicer but non tasting menu places that have generally opened within the past 2-3 years with usually one that's opened within the last year. #3ish - 1 : The tasting menu spots. With P&P at #2 I'm predicting Inn at Little Washington at #1 tomorrow (it's had quite a year in terms of recognition) - I would've personally still picked Komi over P&P but if reviewed I'm sure it'll get a similarly high rating.
  9. I'm going tomorrow and can post after! I'd guess there's probably some shots of it already under the Rose's geotag on Instagram.
  10. Ahh I should've been more clear - I'm asking more what he thinks contributes most to a city or region having great food both in terms of the michelin level but also across the board *irrespective of the cuisine / cuisines one finds within*.
  11. Following up on questions above regarding how the quality of food varies from country to country (or even region to region) - in your opinion what's the biggest factor in an area having exceptional food? Is it more history, quality of local ingredients, talent or something else entirely?
  12. When I was at LB I thought mostly the same thing about the service. Perfectly attentive and without any weird long breaks, but slightly overly formal. Did not enjoy inquiring for more details about how a dish was prepared only to simply be read back the list the same list of ingredients used again... *I did like the somm we had at least. The food when I went was simultaneously fantastic (the Dover Sole was without a doubt the best piece of cooked fish I'd ever eaten) and slightly underwhelming only because I thought it would blow the 2-star places I'd been to out of the water and on that short NYC trip alone I enjoyed my food and overall experience better at Sushi Ginza Onodera and Aquavit. That being said I don't know if I've truly been impressed by a cooked fish dish on a tasting menu since going to LB so it definitely raised the bar on that front.
  13. Ate here for lunch today and got two things: 1) Lychee "dumplings" with pork. I put dumplings in parentheses because the pork was stuff into the lychee bulbs directly. I really enjoyed eating this just because I love lychee but the dish itself didn't blow me away - perfectly good starter though. 2) Rabeing roast pork curry. Now this was badass - extremely tender pork in both thin slices with some bigger chunks mixed in, with rambutan, and basil in a red coconut curry sauce. The pork was very good, and I loved the flavor the rambutan added to the curry much more than something like pineapple. The base curry already tasted a bit more complex than an average red curry but then they had a little holder with 4 different things you could add to it : crushed chili flakes chili vinegar, this darker salty brown sauce with some meaner looking chilis,, and a sweet smelling sauce that I didn't try. The base spiciness level was already a nice medium but I opted to add some of the chili flakes and the salty brown sauce which really kicked things up a bit. Definitely was one of the best thai curry items I've had. Saw a lot of cool items on the menu for future visits. I'm so close to Elephant Jumps at my apartment and Essan (McLean) which I love that I haven't ventured out much to try other Thai places but was glad I did today.
  14. Derp, I never sent it, but thank you for the response! I think your response sorta hits the nail on the head with my experience at To Sok Jip when I went there which I personally didn't mind at all. My dining companion and I are typically devour our food quickly and go in with a good idea of what we want which worked out well. ... whoops.. well this is tremendously helpful for next time so thank you!
  15. Kinda sad it's getting replaced (even though the overall lack of new dishes prevented me from going back recently). I thought it occupied in a nice medium between the Fiola level and the kinda upscale casual Italian places we have a bunch of in the city... honestly it also seemed to be cheaper in practice than Sfoglina with it's small portion size $24 pastas. Didn't realize Erin Clarke had left either... seems like at the Trabochhi places this happens quietly and gets reported on after the fact.