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Bier Mi is a great list of breweries within an approximately 100 mile radius of my address (in Vienna, VA), but very few of the listed breweries actually deliver "to my location."

One that does, Ocelot Brewing, from out somewhere near Dulles Airport, has been my go-to.  (NRG Provisions would be another go-to if I lived in their delivery radius).  Ocelot has some good IPAs, a nice Italian Pilsner, and everything they make is at least above average.  Free delivery, $70 minimum order, and they deliver all the way East to Alexandria, but only in Virginia.  Ordering is done through a link on their Facebook page, which takes you to a document that might be a Google docs form.  Order before Noon on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday or Friday.  You enter your order, and they call you to obtain payment information.

(I would provide some kind of link, but I simply don't know how...)

IMPORTANT EDIT: I just went to make my order for this week, and their Facebook page says that DELIVERY IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED (my guess is this will turn into "permanently") as they figure out how they will address Phase 2 operations that will start soon.  They do not have any outdoor capacity, so they stayed with pickup and delivery up to now.  It was definitely great while it lasted!

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