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Sahara Grill


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I didn’t see a topic, which reduces the chances that I found out about it here, so now I don’t remember where I heard about it, but we finally made it to Sahara Grill in Alexandria, not far from Pickett and Van Dorn (1st floor retail in what looks like one of the ubiquitous luxury condos and 1st floor retails, right by the Crafty Crab). The only downside was having to download the Pango app to park.

Lots of space inside, and completely empty on a Thursday, so I’m worried about their future. We had a very good chicken shawarma on shrak (or some other very thin wrap) and falafel that was unexpectedly mini-donut shaped, but nice and green inside, and tasty. Hummus was very good, if a little smooth for my preference. Fried kibbeh (I.e. the footballs, not the baked slab variety) was good too. They at first mixed up the falafel plate with a sandwich, but they noticed and just made both for us without charging for the extra item.

They also have beef shawarma, lots of other dips, as well as more main-dish like things including North African options such as tagines and bastilla.

Anyway, I thought it was one of the better places I’d been to in a while.

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